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The social, political and also the economic achievements of women celebrate the International Women’s Day. IWD (INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY) were celebrated each and every year on 8 March.

In 1911, the 1st international women’s day was celebrated. This international women’s day celebration was brought in to European partnership and also with UN Women on the 8th march with its official celebration day. With more than 1 million people participate in the first international women’s day held in 1911.

What Is The Significance Of Women’s Day  

It is celebrated globally on 8 March each and every year with honor and respect with all the women’s in the society. It is the day to celebrate all women’s rights and it also inspires the other women’s in society around the world so it can secure women’s rights. It also built much equitable society.

The word “WOMEN” is indicated to the power to create, nurture and can transform. It represents the images of selflessness love, affection and care. Also, she has the ability to ignite the power and hope.

There are many resolutions are passed globally to secure the women’s right, which leads to a huge avenue for the growth and development of women’s in your society.

This day also celebrates because of women’s have any roles in her life such as in the form of a daughter, sister, a wife, a mother, and a homemaker.

Various Way To Celebrate The Women’s Day 

As we all know that international women’s day is held every year on 8th March. Following are some of the way to celebrate the International/ women’s day.

We Should Join A March

On 8th March 2017 planned action for the “International Women’s Strike’’. In connection with the strike, all women’s in the country from all over are together come for organizing events with 30 countries.

Promotes Gender Diversity

At present, there is only 50% percent of women’s in the globally in the labor force were represented. While comparing the men’s are around 76% percent. In the workplace, we have to promote gender diversity.

Do Something Kind For The Women

Do something good for your loved one whether it’s your sister, grandmother, mother, daughter, and female friends. You should write them greeting cards, some beautiful, gifts and other things which she likes.

Official Holiday Declared On Woman’s Day

Some of the countries have been declared the official holiday on this day are as follow:

China celebrates the women’s day

Australia celebrates the women’s day

Canada celebrates the women’s day

India celebrates the women’s day

Russia celebrates the women’s day

Nepal celebrates the women’s day

The United Kingdom celebrates the women’s day

These are some common countries which we all know and they celebrate this day.

 Various Impacts 

Build a movement

Changes in laws and policies

Improved livelihood and economic autonomy

Benefits Of The Long Term Impact 

Collective powers are proving by women’s

On IWD build a popular festival of music.

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