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If we talk about the woman safety in India, it is at the peak and each woman is tried to keep safe as they can but then too there are people who do not follow the rules and regulations of the Indian government and try to become a nuisance for the woman. The Indian government has given all the rights to the woman to take any kind of action against them.

Woman’s From the Village Area

Today the biggest problem for a woman is that she is not educated if the woman is educated at least she can fight against her rights but if she is not well educated and does not know rights on what basis she can fight against her injustice she will be needed someone to fight with her who knows the law. 

Well, it is not so important that the women should know all the laws which can help them to fight against injustice, it’s just the knowledge of taking the right decision. If the woman is well educated they know that what is right and what is wrong on what thing they need to speak and on what thing they should be quite.

They can keep their suggestions in the family but if they are not a well-educated their suggestions are also not even considered and this case happens most of the time with the woman’s who live in the village because they are not well educated and they are forced to stay quiet and suffer for whatever the reason is.          

Woman’s From Cities

Well if you talk about the woman in a village area, we do understand that they are not well educated and they cannot speak for themselves they always need someone to guide them or speak on behalf of them but what about the woman who stay in the city. Why are they facing all those problems? Why are they not getting the proper respect which they should get from their husband’s father or brother? 

They are also treated like slaves at home, they are well educated well-mannered, they can do anything whatever they want to, it’s just that they need to understand their rights and speak on them. If being a village located woman you cannot speak for yourself, you’re all education is waste and you should live the life which you are living right now.

Help for Women

If you look at society, it is always ready to help a woman, well, it is not a wrong thing but at the same time, the woman’s in the society don’t help each other.

Being a woman you should be the first one who should understand that the things which are going wrong with a single woman can be similar to you also. The society is always ready to help a woman but it is the same society that always makes the worst choices for the women. So always make sure that you find the right help from the right person.

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