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Wild animals are the animals which live in the natural environment like forests. These are animals which cannot be domesticated. Wild animals are Elephants, Tiger, Lion, Deer, Crocodile, Monkey, Bear, Giraffe, etc.

Wild animals are free animals who live by the rule of the Jungle. Wild animals like lion and tiger eat other animals like deer, wild buffalo, etc.

Whereas animals like deer, elephants, Giraffe eat plants, fruits, grass, and leaves. Wild animals are very beautiful animals full of colours. We can see the wild animals in forests.

Also In cities, we have zoo’s which keep the wild animals in cages so we can see them. Children love to see wild animals, but it is not correct to keep wild animals in cages.


Life on earth is based on the delicate ecological balance. This balance is maintained by the living and non-living constituents of the natural world.

Wild animals too play an important part in maintaining the ecological balance. Animals which eat the plants and trees would grow in abundance and disturb the ecological balance if there are no wild animals to eat them.

Wild animals help to keep the population of herbivores in control.


Due to deforestation many of the natural habitats of animals have been destroyed and which has led to the decline in their population.

Wild animals like tigers and lions have large areas under their control when their natural habitats are destroyed they roam around and accidentally cross into regions with human inhabitation. This leads to human-animal conflict, and most of the times it leads to the death of the animal.

Hunting is a serious threat to wild animals. Some species have even become extinct due to excessive hunting. Wild animals like rhinoceros are hunted for their horns, elephants for their tusks, lion, and tigers for their skin and bones. Many animals are hunted for enjoyment and people keep their heads as prizes.


The government has banned hunting of several animals and even declared protected areas like National Parks, BioDiversity Parks, Sanctuary, and Reserves.

If we want to learn more about the animals, we should see them in their natural home, I.e., forest. We can see them in National Parks and Sanctuaries by using an Elephant or Jeep which is known as Jungle Safari.

It keeps the animals happy in their homes and not in cages and children could experience the lives of animals in the Jungle itself. Wild animals are important for their beauty, economic, scientific and survival value.

It helps to maintain the ecological balance of nature and maintains the food chain. It provides useful substances and wild animal products like ivory, leather, honey, tusk, etc.

Besides being a country’s cultural asset, it also provides aesthetic value to man. We largely depend on wild animals for every elementary requirement in our life, eg. the clothes we wear and the medicines we consume. It is important to protect wildlife. If we keep on cutting the forests, there would be no animals left.


We need to conserve and protect the precious wildlife which God has gifted to us. We should all respect our Mother Earth.

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