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The forest has great importance in our lives. It is useful for everyone from humans to animal birds. It never gives us anything to ask us. The trees provide us with shade, fruit flowers, etc. in the sun burns.

Date Of Celebration

Van Mahotsav is celebrated in the first week of July every year. In the year 1950, it was started to stop the harvesting of trees, but at that time it was only shrinking in paper and no attention was given to the forests.

Planting trees during the festival serves various purposes like providing alternative fuels, increasing the production of food resources, providing food for cattle, helping to build shelter belt around fields to increase productivity, shade and decorative landscape Provides, etc., helps in soil degradation protection to prevent global warming and reduce pollution.

Are the best solution for such festivals, educating trees of awareness among the people and planting and depicting trees need maintenance. The life of the forest festival is celebrated as a celebration. In India, this land was started as a campaign to save the mother.

Name Van Mahotsava means “festival of trees”. A rich plantation drive was attended by national leaders such as Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Jawaharlal Nehru, which started in July 1947 after the launch in Delhi. The festival was celebrated together in a number of states in India.

Since then, thousands of different species of plants are planted with the energetic involvement of local people and various agencies like the forest department.

Great Personalities

Even if some trees had been planted then they were not given water, due to which they were completely satisfied. After that, the son of Indira Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi, started the tree, in which the plant was propelled to plant more and more trees. And no government permission was banned from cutting trees. Trees are planted during the rainy season in July, August so that the trees can easily get water.

Cutting Of Forest

In today’s era, humans are cutting forests to make their habitat and industries. She slowly forgets the importance of the tree. Man

is forgetting in the competition of technology that the tree is his best friend.

The trees also provide them with livelihood and fuel. The tree is home to many wildlife. Due to the deforestation of trees, many wild species are becoming extinct. Since ancient times, trees have played an essential role in human life. It is adorable and also provides medicinal properties.

Encouraging People

The primary purpose of celebrating the Van Mahotsav is to help people to cultivate weeping trees so that pollution is reduced and pure oxygen can be obtained for breathing. This week, it is said that the properties of trees and the losses caused by biting the trees.

Participation Of Children

Children and plants in schools and colleges plant the plants together. Some organizations distribute plants for free. We must all make a plant every year and give it water and it should be developed.

Today planted plant will give us lots of benefits tomorrow. Trees are also helpful in the rainwater, which is very important for the soil of ascetic soil. Apply more trees and clean the environment.

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