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India is a good democracy country in the world. But today also there are some people who really practice some kind of unbelievable things.

Untouchability is a practice in the lower caste people are underestimated and they are degraded in the society, they are kept in the distance and they are not allowed to enter in the higher class society.

The word “untouchable” applies to the despised and degraded section of the Hindu population.

Problems Of The Untouchability

This was the basic problems of the Indian society. So after seeing the people’s problems, the constitution of India decided to boycott this practice in the year 1950.

But today also after the 60 years boycott of this practice also, there is no success in this belief. Today also some Dalits people across the country are suffering from this problem.

Caste-based discrimination has also often led to violence throughout the country. Tamil Nadu state which boasts a long history of reformist movements is no exception.

Today also there is some region of this state, which is practicing the discrimination between the Dalits and the caste Hindu.

Untouchability is that part which is still rampant and is taking new forms, particularly for the village, the constitutional ban and compulsions of modernity and development have to some of the extents blunted its rigor.

Although all the state governments claim that they abolished manual scavenging reports reveals that this practice untouchability.

There is no priority for the people of the lower caste, but after the constitution of India and due to the Dr.Babasaheb Ambetkar the Dalits have got many of the opportunity.

Practices Associated With Untouchability

  • Areas for the living purpose are different for the lower caste people and the higher caste people are not the same.
  • In the cases of the food and the beverages, the class people never eat or touch the food made by the lower class people.
  • The drinking water null is different from the other people for the lower class people.
  • The occupation of this people is also different and it is according to them.
  • They should never touch the caste people because the higher class people think that they are impure.
  • If the lower class person is well educated and he works in the private limited company than there too he is discriminated.
  • Public facilities and the advantages all are not given to the lower class people.

Effects Created By Untouchability

  • Due to the untouchability problems there arises the inequality in the country which results in the underdevelopment of the country.
  • This also affects the relationship between the people in the country by various conflicts between the upper caste and the lower caste people.
  • Due to this practice of the untouchability, the nation will lose all the skilled, ability people to be worked in that position.
  • The Hindu society will get the black spot throughout the country which is the insult to the country and also to the Hindu society.
  • This practice is now done many of the damages to the Hindu society. As the Mahatma Gandhi told that it should be the past. And make the nation proud.

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