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Throughout the existence of truth, man has had the need to understand, explain and transform his reality, knowing, creating knowledge, making judgments, in order to get to the truth. However, knowing that it is the truth is a problem that is not yet completely resolved.

Ethical Values

in the field of moral and ethical values, the Truth is considered as the ability of an individual to relate to their peers from Honesty, Sincerity, and Openness, leaving aside practices such as cheating, fraud or the hiding of information.


The truth is something, a fact, that is considered as reality. Something true usually is something that is proven or has evidence that it is true. The truth is that what resists the refutations that are made, that is, something will be true until proven otherwise.

Non Defined

The situation is not as easy as it seems, in terms of defining the truth, because according to several sources, there is no consensus on how it should be conceived.

Likewise, based on the Truth and the possibility of lying to someone, the issue of the innate character or not of certain knowledge reappears.

Checking Off The Sources

One way to know if something they tell an individual is true would be to check the sources from which that information came. Know if they are trustworthy or not. By this one can mean whether their claims are proven or have an argument to sustain them.

Can Be Subjective

Truth can be subjective; that is, what is right for some people will not necessarily be right for others. In certain aspects, what is considered as truth depends on the beliefs, norms or rules?

The truth depends on the perspective of the observer, the context; however, the most important thing here is to understand what the meaning is.

Truth Depends On Frame

Set of circumstances and conditions that surround and determine an idea, theory, proposition or concept. Thus, truths depend on their frame of reference or context. Understanding truth or lies is intimately linked to language and, then, when you can understand truth more easily as something that agrees with facts and reality.

Should Be Understood

The truth should be understood in a context where their proposals will be useful. Many times the meaning is determined by the society and the surrounding culture. We can also infer that the truth is established socially and culturally.

Truth Is Much Complex Than Lying

The truth is much more complex to describe and that the most useful way to accept the most crucial variable to be able to make proper use of the facts expressed through language.


The people who follow the path of truth, no doubt initially suffers a lot. But in the end, they win in every aspect of their life. This kind of person becomes the role model for others, and in the majority of the case, the children of honest people walk on the same path.

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