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Mother nature has given the most fantastic gift among all is the trees. Trees are said as the best friend of all especially of the human being. It is not so that the tree is only meant to provide us with fruits, but it also gives us many things which is very much beneficial for human beings.

Reduce The Level Of Pollution

Daily the level of pollution is rising. Many of the toxic gas is released in the air by the chemical industries and factories. Also, pollution is increasing by the burning of the fuels by which the vehicles are running vehicles.

The harmful Carbon dioxide gas is absorbed by the trees releasing oxygen which is needed by the human being for their survival. Trees are also said as the lungs of nature.

Attraction To The Monsoon

Indeed we have learned this that the greenery attracts the monsoon towards it. For this attraction plants use the process called transpiration.

During the process, the plant loses the water through photosynthesis from its aerial part, and this lost water is added to the average moisture of the air which makes the atmosphere more saturated bringing up the rain.

Now it is clear if there will be no tree then we will not have water. Without water, we cannot imagine our lives without water, as it is the lifeline. Water is the basic necessity for human as well as for other creatures.

Providing Medicine And Herbs

There are many trees which are known for its medicinal values. Earlier when there is very less facility of doctors and allopathy medicine The Acharya used the parts of the trees as s medicine. For example, The neem leaves are used to cure cut, rashes, for the treatment of acne. Its wood is used as a roof;

Babul tree also has many herbal values same as many trees serve for the humankind. We also get many types of oil which are very valuable.


Trees provide the aromatic spices which give the authentic taste to the food.


The wood of the tree is used for making different types of furniture. Earlier in the remote area, the wood of the tree is also used for the cooking food.

Provide Shade

Trees provide shadow to the human and also to the street animal. Trees are the homes for thousand of the creature. Many birds build their nest and lay eggs in that.

The Beauty Of Nature

The trees serve the humankind, and also it enhances the beauty of nature. As different trees bear many beautiful flowers, fruits which create beautiful sceneries to view.

The people nowadays are ready to pay more money for purchasing the house which is surrounded by gardens or herbal plants.


As trees are a nonrenewable source of energy, we should use it properly. Many people instead of planting they are cutting the trees. Many people forget the gift which the trees provide us. Trees also help us to reduce global warming gas which is a severe issue in today’s date.

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Updated: March 27, 2019 — 7:18 am

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