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The word travel and tourism refer to traveling a distance for pleasure and visit new places to gain new experiences and also to get information about that place and have fun at that place. The tourism is an expanding economy open world in which various people from different countries visit your world to visit various places in your country, and they also spend their time and money in your country which helps in the development of a country and also the development of the economy. People go for tourism to get a small leave from their daily life routine and to leave a different life in different places and enjoying their experiences in a different world. Tourism can be travel outside the country or inside the country or also in your state.


There are three major types of tourism they are outbound tourism, inbound tourism, and domestic tourism. Outbound tourism is a type of tourism in which people from their country travel to another country to enjoy their holidays and also give some new experience in the new country. Inbound tourism is a type of tourism in which the people are the tourist travel around their own country but different states to enjoy with your family or friends, or sometimes they go alone to have fun. Domestic tourism it is a type of tourism in which the people travel within their programs in which they travel typically more than 80 km from their own home for business or having fun for spending their holidays rather than sitting at home.


It was found that people use to travel for pleasure from the early age it was found that in a day during 1500 BC people use to travel for their pleasure and the people who used to travel from their local area were known as a wealthy person belonging to the wealthy class. During the middle age, there was a huge tradition of pilgrimage which was being brought by Mohammed Prophet in which every Muslim need to go to travel to Hajj in the life and people used to travel to Hajj. But during modern times, tourism has taken a new face in which there are various modes of travel like automobiles, trains, and airplanes. But as pleasure has increased in tourism, it has also become very much expensive as nowadays everything has become expensive and also planning and Tour is very hard, and it needs to be under your budget.


Tourism not only benefits the tourist in gaining new experience and having fun and a diversion from there daily life routine but it also helps in the development of the country as tourism has created a huge opportunity for employment and has reduced the unemployment. Due to tourism, there is also much development taken in the infrastructure as they are made better For The Tourist so that they can celebrate their holidays peacefully and happy. Tourism also please and major role in cultural exchange as many people share the experience of tourism to the people of the country.

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