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There are many seasons that has been occurring because of the rotation of the earth axile towards the sun. This Seasons has occurred and caused changes in nature. There are many seasons which occurs all through the year in this there is a spring season which appears between winter season and summer season as when there is the end of winter season and at the start of summer season in between of this spring season comes. When this season comes, the days become longer, and the weather becomes warmer because the earth tilts towards the Sun.

The spring season is a very beautiful season as many beautiful flowers plant get Blossom in this season and some parts of the world it rains heavily for about two to three days, and because of this heavy rains, many beautiful flowers get to blossom. But because of these heavy rains and the seasonal change people also may be affected by this and some of the people get diseased by the heavy rains in the spring season, and it does not last for more longer. This season also considers as the breeding season for many animals.

Natural Changes During Spring Season

As the spring season comes between the winter season and the summer season in the different parts of the world where there is full of Snow due to the winter season at the arrival of the spring season this snow start to melt as the weather becomes warmer and there are more sunlight and the day becomes longer. Spring season also appear in different months in different countries such as in US and UK spring season takes place in March, April and May and such as in Australia and New Zealand spring season appears between September to the end of November.

The happening of the spring season is not fixed date in the calendar dates. And it’s all happening due to the rotation of the earth towards the sun. There also some areas which did not experience the spring season until May. There are also many peculiarities of the reversing ocean currents in the Pacific ocean. In Spring season trees and bushes lost their leaves and instead of this new leaves started to come, and these changes occur because of the warmth in the air and soil as there is more daylight. The spring season is a very beautiful season as in this nature becomes very much beautiful in this season.

Celebration Of Spring Season

In some parts of the world, the spring season is celebrated as the new year carnival festival. In Asia the spring season mostly occurs between March, April, and May and at the arrival of this season it is celebrated in all over the parts of Asia such as in Bangladesh it is celebrated as a new year in Nepal mostly Holi is celebrated in this season and in India celebrated on May 1 as the labour day or the International workers day. It is the end of the winter season and the start of the summer season, and it is celebrated with great joy in many other parts of the world.

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