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What Is Soil Pollution

When the presence of toxic chemical degrades the land by human activity which makes soil harmful for the crops as well as for the small organisms is known as soil pollution and also called land pollution.

Organic and inorganic are the two types of soil pollutant we find in the urban and rural area. These soil pollutants are released in the soil by human activity or naturally.

Many people dump toxic garbage on the land which slowly degrades the land.

Industries And Factories

When the toxicity of industries and factories is release in the soil, it becomes harmful. Mainly the metal industries and engineering industries contain a toxic fluid substance such as lead, copper, acids which are released in the soil making the soil contaminated.

Excessive Use Of Fertilizer

Nitrogen is the main compound among all another nutrient in the fertilizer. The soil pH level is profoundly affected by nitrogen. If we are using acidic fertilizer, the soil will become highly acidic, and if using alkaline, it will turn soil overly alkaline. Both the highly acidic or alkaline is not suitable for the plants and crops.

The Contribution Of Pesticide

The pesticide is a long distance traveler which mean if it is sprinkled on the crops due to the air blown or rain it can be washed away in the soil which causes soil pollution. Many pesticides have ammonia, benzene, chlorine as their component which is highly hazardous for soil. If it is used in a high amount directly or indirectly, it affects the land. The nutrient present in the soil is getting depleted day by day.

Highly Advanced Technology

As we have made advancement in technology, it gives rise to soil pollution. To develop we need high definition amenities which is produced by the use of many toxic substances which directly or indirectly make soil infertile.

Forest fire and biocide, drought, industrial water irrigation, logging, deforestation, etc. are the main reason for soil contamination. Even due to the soil erosion the main nutrient present in the soil is get washed away due to the excessive rain or waterlogging.

The radioactive substance is released in the soil. These dangerous substances get mixed with the land and get transported to the human through food, milk, etc.

Biological Agent

The physicochemical and biological atmosphere is disturbed causing land degradation by the microorganism like a snail, millipedes, earthworm, nematodes, snail, algae, bacteria, protozoa.

Control Measure

Soil pollution contaminates the food indirectly which profoundly affect the health of human and other creature through the food chain.

We should always try to consume organic food which is grown without pesticide. Dumping of motor oil should be avoided. One should not burn the plastic and wood as it contaminates the soil.

We should always try to release less amount of garbage as by dumping it in the land there is soil contamination.


There are many laws imposed by the government; one should follow them to reduce soil pollution. One should plant as many trees as they can.

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