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If we talk about the social issue of India, there are so many issues which India is facing right now. Here we will be talking about the few most important issues which India is trying to fix. And in some times there are chances that it could be fixed and India will be a free country with all those issues, we are facing now.

Bankrupt Issue In India

If you look at the newspaper or the television, the most important situation or we can call the most important issue which India is facing right now is the bankrupt problem. Most of the people in India are well aware of the loans, which are done by the Indians to the Indian banks,

They are taking a very high amount of loan and then after clearance of the amount into their accounts they vanish from India and live in some other country. Well, it is a wrong thing which is done by the Indian citizens and even by the government.

What Happens With The Money?

The people who run out of the country by taking all this kind of loans, they are living in some other country without any tension because the Indian government cannot find any kind of clue to arrest them and take the money back. Because they have transferred all that money to some of the other country where nobody has the right to find it.

Most of the black money of India is kept in the Swiss bank, no one knows how many people from India have an account in the Swiss bank. Well, if we just tried to bring the money in the Swiss bank of the Indians, we will be alone free country and we can be a developed country also.

Flood Problems In India

In recent days, the most problematic thing which each Indian was facing was the floods. All the water was chowk in the cities and even in the villages, there was no place to stay. All the houses were in the water and the people who were living in the house have to rescue by the rescue teams.

Even after that, the people were facing so many difficulties for food, clothes, and toilets because everywhere the water was too much and it was very hard to travel from one place to another just to use a toilet.

There was the rescue team and there were so many army officers and the government employs who did not even bother about their lives and ran into the rescue operations, this is this real superhero.

Problem Due To Other Countries

As we all know that the most problematic country in the whole world is just next to us. So the most important issue was also from the next country which we have.

Well, we are talking about the country called Pakistan, they have their own problems and issues to solve but then too they are the ones who always does back bitching of our country.

Updated: October 17, 2019 — 4:11 am

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