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What Is Smog?

Smog is the combination of the smoke pulse fog is the smog. Smog is formed due to the burning of the plastic, sulfur, industrial fog and the vehicle smoke all this create the air pollution.

All the smog contain very much problem to the human health because it contains all the hazardous mixtures that mix in the air, this also increases the global warming in the world, and the ozone layer has the depletion factors.

Types Of Smog

Sulfur Smog

When there is the more amount of the sulfur in the air this is due to the sulfur bearing coal and the petroleum substances mixes in the air; this is one of the types of the smog.

Photochemical Smog


All the dangerous and the hazardous chemicals such as the nitrogen, sulfur, hydrocarbons are some of the chemicals which are emitted into the air this causes the air pollution.

Industrial Smog

The black smoke in the air due to the fire at the industry and people sometimes fire the bone fire which also contains some of the black fog it is very dangerous to the health of the person.

The emission combines the nitrogen oxide the particles are of very small size due to which the particles enter the lungs of the humans and then damage the respiratory organs, and this will also lead to the death of the living organisms.

There are several problems arises due to the industry levels, household factors, chemical factory and many more, the environment becomes very harmful this all substances causes the air pollution, such smoke come from the vehicles smoke, nitrogen oxide and many of the other chemicals are mixed in the air which is poisonous for us.

After the harvesting of the crops is finished, then they burn the field this burning also cause the smog there is the black fog around the air which affect the living animals in the dangerous position the animals also caused to the death due to the stuck of the air in the respiratory system problem.

Ill-Effects Of Smog

  • Due to the smog in the air, there will cause the problem such as a cough, cold, burning in the throat due to the smog in the air, and this all affect the ozone layer, and the ozone layer will cause damage to lungs.
  • Asthma is caused when the respiratory system does not get the proper supply of the fresh air.
  • Smog makes the track between the lungs due to which we can’t inhale the proper air this causes the lung diseases, breathing problems and many more.

How To Prevent The Pog

  • Come out of the home when the level of the ozone layer is low.
  • We should not be out for a long time or wear a mask.
  • Reduces the use of cars and the bike and use public transport which will reduce pollution from the air.
  • Also, use the air purifiers in the home.
  • Due to the pollution of the air, the eyes get irritation than we should instantly wash it.
  • Reduce the use of harmful materials.

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