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The skill India programme has been launched in March 2015 it is the dream project of Narendra Modi. Skill India mainly focuses on the development of the talents of India news by providing them platforms to develop the talent and also provide the employment so that they can keep their talent growing.

It also enhances you to develop in various sectors with very fewer people have gone and also give them training and developing skill program so that they can do anything which they want.

Skill India also result focuses on providing training to the youth for developing and it does not only focuses on the people of town but they also focus on the people of the village so that everyone gets the change of developing yourself and developing a country.

The basic motto of skill India is improving the skills of the people of India and also showing some people what skills do they have so that they know about themselves and can improve themselves.



There are various features provided by the skill India to the citizens of India and mainly to the youth because you did the generation which is going to develop the future of the country and have the knowledge and age of learning and implementing the skills.

Girls killing India provide and help the youth in getting employment and also it helps in improving the entrepreneurship. The skill India project also provides the individual with various training for various occupations like farmer or carpenter etc.

Where is also Emphasis given in the factors like transportation textile banking and tourism where the skill development is very less so that the skills can be developed in this area.

Skill India programme does not only help in developing the skills but it also standardized and certified the process of training so that the individual can get the benefit of the training by learning and also getting the certificate.


There are various advantages of the skill India campaign which has helped in developing the skills of mostly every individual and also developing their personality.

The skill India project has mainly helped the youth belonging to the poor family who has keys but due to poverty they did not get the opportunity to show the skills and they have to work in another field to earn money for the daily needs.

The skill India project has helped the union developing their self-confidence and also develop the thinking so that they can view the world through and different view.


The skill India project has played and very important role in developing the youth of the country and also giving them the route of the success so that they can move on it and become successful by getting an employment in a big company and show their skills.

The skill India project has also helped in decreasing the unemployment and providing employment to mostly all individuals. Skill India has also arranged to provide quality education to the students of the school and also students of the college.

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