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To maintain the existence of the human race on this earth, it is very important for both men and women to be alive. Regardless of whether we live in any country or state of the world, these rules apply everywhere.

Equal Status

There is no doubt that a woman has a lot of importance in the life of a man because a woman gives birth to a baby after suffering a lot of pain. Extending this world without women is impossible, therefore it is necessary for the girls to save. At the same time, we should honor women and give them equal opportunities to move forward in life.

Checking Of The Fetus Should Be Banned

In today’s modern and educated era, female fetuses are being killed in most places in India, which is a matter of great sadness for our country and the world. We should stop it from happening and also raise voice against it. Those who take the child’s gender checking on their mother’s womb should be ashamed.

Impact Of Female Feticide

Due to female feticide, the number of girls in our society is getting very little. Especially in India the desire of the son is to sacrifice the daughters born in the womb, which is a matter of shame.

In many hospitals, wrong sex is being investigated by ultra-sound and the girl is being killed in her stomach. It seems too bad to think that the person is born from a mother and hates a girl.

Why Save Girl Child?

One thing that is the first thing is that Beti-Beta is one thing. Girls are the boys’ luggage in every area, whether they are education or girls who are stranded on the outskirts. In today’s modern age, women have stepped up in every field. Today, women like Kalpana Chawla, have gone out of the Earth and have shared the knowledge of space.

Legal Offense

Secondly, female feticide is a very big legal offense since 1961, and there is a provision to get a big punishment for the person doing it. Even the parents or the doctor who performs the gender investigation of the child is also given strict punishment.

This is a social effect if we look at it from a different perspective, female feticide is destroying the female power of India, which can presently enrich India economically.

This is a social effect if we look at it with a different perspective, then the destruction of my power by the female feticide is the destruction of my power. This is why the Government of India has long been appearing for Beti Bachao’s teachings for this reason that the government can support India financially on social grounds.


What steps the government has taken to eliminate Tokyo and bring change in people’s attitude To prevent awareness of female feticide in the country, the multi-dimensional strategy of its own is to create awareness in this and the University should take action against it.

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