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The existence of mankind on earth is impossible without the equal participation of both the man and the woman. Both are equally responsible for the development of any country, along with the existence of mankind on earth. However, there is no doubt that women are more important than men because without them we cannot think about the continuity of mankind as it gives birth to humans.

The girl child should not be killed; she should be given security, respect and equal opportunities to pursue them. It is a source of help and creativity in the creation of the fate of civilization. However, women suffer from their own created civilization from female feticide, rape, sexual abuse, murder for dowry, etc. How embarrassing it is!

Save Daughter Campaign

In society, a child girl should be saved due to various reasons:

She is less capable than boys in any field and gives his best.

People should strictly adhere to all the rules to save girls.

Girls have proved to be more obedient, less violent and arrogant than boys

She has proved to be more responsible for his family, job, society or country.

A woman is mother, wife, daughter, sister Everyone should think that his wife is the daughter of another man and in the future, his daughter will be the wife of someone else. So, everyone should respect women.

He is more concerned about his parents and his actions.

A girl is very loyal to her responsibilities as well as her professional responsibilities, which make them more special than boys.

Once Napoleon had said – “The progress of a nation is impossible without trained and educated mothers and if half of the people of my country is not educated, then half of them will remain illiterate.” In this way, we should create an environment in which no woman is illiterate.

The Steps Taken By The Government To Save Girls

Some steps have been taken by the government to save and educate girls. The most recent initiative about this is Beti Bachao Beti Padhao which is very actively supported by the government, NGOs, corporate groups, and human rights activists and NGOs.

Various social organizations have helped in the campaign with the construction of toilets in women’s schools. Crime against girls and women is a big obstacle in the way of growth and development in India.

Female feticide was one of the major issues, although, in hospitals, the government has been banned by imposing ultrasound for gender determination, scan test, etc. The best part is that our Prime Minister has made a very good initiative for the education of girls with the help of a campaign in the villages. According to him, if we want to develop our country, then we have to educate all the girls.

Facts Responsible For Low Rates Of Education Of Girls

There are many factors that are responsible for less education of women in society


Child Marriage

Child labor

Dowry system, etc.

A daughter should not be hated, killed or insulted. She should be honored and loved for the good of society and the country. She is equally a partner in the development of the country like boys.

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