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Fuel is of different types and it can be used for different ways. Also, some of these are used in the process of production and also others are used in the transportation process. For all the tasks man relies on the fuel.

Fuels Are Classified Into The Different Categories 

The fuels are mainly divided into different categories. They are as follows:

Solid Fuels

By the process of combustion the solid substance generates the heat as well as light energy. Solid fuels can be used in different ways. Such as firewood, charcoal, coal, peat, pellets, coking purpose also, biomass, waste from the municipal, etc. are involved in the ways of the solid fuels.

The solid fuels are difficult to transport because it is on the downside are heavier. For the proper combustion, they require good quality of air. The thermal energy is low of solid fuels.

Liquid Fuels

To generate mechanical energy, the combustible molecules are brought together. Gasoline, diesel, LPG i.e. liquefied petroleum gas and also the compressed natural gases are some of the examples of liquid fuels. If we filled the liquid in any object then it takes the shape of it, for the transportation the liquid fuels are comparatively easier.

On the burning this fuels there is no formation of dust and ash. As the internal combustion fuels, these are used. The liquid fuels are quite expensive on the downside. There is risk involved in storing the fuel which is quite high and due to this most of them are highly inflammable. For the bad odour, they are also known for it.

Gaseous Fuels

In the form of gases, these fuels are available. In nature, some of these fuels are freely available as the natural gases others are also derived from different substances.

Such as coal, biomass which are termed as coal gas as well as biomass gas, from these solid fuels the gaseous fuels are generated. Also from the liquid fuels, the gaseous are generated such as liquefied petroleum gas as well as refinery gases.

Through the pipelines, the gaseous fuels can be easily transferred. The gaseous fuels do not produce any kind of smoke as unlike liquid and solid fuels. When these fuels have come for the handling these are comparatively cleaner.

Even with the slight air supply, they can be burned. These are highly inflammable on the downside and due to this for storing it involves the risk. It also requires huge tanks for storing it and it is quite expensive.


Today, one cannot imagine there life without fuel. Through the good amount of investment, the production of fuels is lucrative in the business which is required to bring with it.

The fuels such as petroleum as well as natural gases, these fuels are mostly exported by most of the countries which are witnessing for the booming economy. Hence, fuels are very important in our life.

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