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Fuel is a natural resource which used produce useful energy when it changes into a chemical or nuclear reaction. We all considered the fuel to coal, wood, oil, petrol or gas by which it provides energy.

Fuel is not made by man and it naturally occurs, so not for today but for future generation also much more needed for its judicious use. We use fuel for the vehicles as well as for the betterment of the environment.

To meet their needs most of the country imports fuel. Non Renewable resources are used for coal, oil, etc.

Various Tips For Saving Fuel And Environment

Use of the air conditioning should reduce.

People should remove the rack of the roof.

It is used by people to reduce weight.

People should invest a huge amount of fuel-inefficient car.

Should maintain the momentum.

Always make it clear that your tires are in better/ good condition or not.

You should clean out the truck and unnecessary weight must be eliminated.

You should plan your route.

Always make sure that your driving speed did matter to the fuel by high gearing and low gearing.

Various Benefits For Fuel Conservation

Money Saving

If you select fuel for the efficient vehicle you will able to save money and it leads to a decrease in the use of electrical appliances, also reduce the electricity bill, fuel, etc.

Decrease The Effects Of Change In Climate

Due to the burning of fossil fuel greenhouse gas emission takes place. It indicates how we are able to conserve more fuel the less we contribute to the change in the climate.

Energy Sustainability

It increases the energy to sustain it properly. Like oil, some other are the fuel sources which are Non-Renewable.

Promotes To Healthy Environment

For producing the energy by burning of fossil fuel due to which decrease in pollution is usually caused.

Advantage And Disadvantages Of Fossil Fuel


Globally Developed

Due to the presence of fossil fuel, we have numerous technologies are available.

Cheap And Reliable

Due to well-established technologies are around to us the consumer cost is low to us.


Fossil fuels have become safer over a period of time.


Finite Resources

Fossil fuels are a finite resource to which it takes a certain period of time to occur on our planet for the fossilization process.

Create An Acidic Environment

Fossil fuel is combusted to create an acidic environment. It can create acidity and this acidity can change ocean environment.

Damage The Environment

Fossil fuel can able to damage the environment through human error. It can also spill at the time of transport, and creating environmental damages.

Contribute To A Public Health Issue

There are ongoing health issue can be caused by the combustion of fossil fuels from the out site of the risk that may cause premature fatalities.

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