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Forest is that natural resources which are decreasing day by day. Humans are those who are cutting down all the trees and using them for their own need, they never think of anybody else.

They know that the animals leave their life in the forest then to ignoring it they cut them besides that they do not plant any other plant.

As we know that the trees are the most important living thing which makes us leave alive, without trees, there is no life of the humans as the trees inhale the carbon dioxide and release the oxygen for the humans.

It also helps in the protection of the country from the floods and the famines.

What is the responsibility of humans in the saving of forest?

Deforestation is now spread throughout the world. Humans cut the trees but never think of planting more trees.

It is very sad to think that what the coming generation will see the plants or not. There are various duties of the humans in the saving of the trees in their society.
  • After cutting the trees, we should plant new trees where there is the place.
  • People should plant the trees constantly it should be the main duties of the humans.
  • The plants which are plants should be of a perfect type it should prevent soil pollution and also make the soil more fertile.
  • Water should be provided to that plant after planting it, and proper manure and the fertilizer to the plant should be given, due to the bacteria and the fungi present in the plants.
  • New varieties of the plants should be developed to achieve this end.
  • Grass and the fodder of the animals should be grown near the fields in which the people work so they may use it easily for their animals.
  • Plants should be planted in the places which are planned.

Conservation of the forests



As now the resources throughout the world has been decreasing, the world as nearly lost the half its forests for agriculture, development or resource extraction.

To protect the forest has now become the responsibility of the humans and the conservation authority, since the forest provide essential environmental, social and economic function, but alarming the destruction for the world due to the forest lost, now a day we can only see the building and the factory all over the world and the forest are decreasing.

There are many of the projects introduced by the government, but they are also not working today.

Awareness is now spread, and they are now waking the minds of the people.

Now the people understand the importance of the forest in the world. Conservation also included the conservation of the fruits, flowers, vegetables and also the animals.

Save our forest

The forest is like the lungs of the earth. They are destroying the forest releases more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year than all of the planes, trains, cars, trucks combined.

Your support will go towards helping conservation practice for the long term. Many of the rural areas and urban areas are also affected by global deforestation.

So please save the earth. “Go green go Clean”.

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Updated: January 28, 2019 — 8:57 am

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