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What Is Sati System

It is a system if the death of a husband happens, the live women were forced to sits on the fire pyre of her husband taking the body on the lap of her own. In short, we can say that the women were forced to take the life of her own after her husband died.


This evil practice against women was used to happen in the third century B.C. This evil practice has its original roots from the aristocracy in the northern Indian subcontinent and gradually spread like fire since the twelve to eighteen century. The Hindu community people were the follower of the Sati system.


The name Sati was given to the system because in Sanskrit the Sati means good wife, it also symbolizes the name of goddesses who was the wife of Lord Siva.

There were some Sati who happily burns themselves along with the dead body of their husband, but there were few who never want to do the same, but the Sati who refuse were declined from the society.

Diodorus concludes that the Sati system was started happening because Indian is the one who married for love. If in case the marriage went in the wrong direction, the wives were used to give poison to their husband and take away the life of them and again perform the wedding with the guy whom they love. To stop this, the people thought to accompany the wives with the dead body of their husbands.

According to some of the sources it was found that this system spread even to the southeast Asian continent. It was are a rare practice which was found in Indonesia but was seen in the royal families.

Sati System Practice Within The Sikh Community

When the Skihk community founder emperor Ranjit Singh died, four of his wives and seven of his concubines end herself with the Sati system.

British Colonial Power

The Portuguese banned the Sati system. The great reformer Raja Ram Mohan Roy and William Carey took the effort to uproot f this evil practice.

The Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the founder of the Brahmo Samaj took the initiation when he saw that his sister-in-law was forced to practice the Sati system after the death of her husband.

There were some Hindu groups, who did not want any people or government should interfere in the religious matter. In 1821, a tract was published opposing the Sati system by Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

In 1828 the William Bentinck seated as the governor of India. An immediate end was put to an end by him. On the 4th of December 1829, it was regulated that the Sati system is a criminal act against the window and if found anyone to force for the same they will be punished severely.


This was the merely illegal act which was following against the women. There used to have a vast age gap between the couple when the men used to become old and die; the bride uses to become young and have to accept the Sati system forcefully.

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