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Sarojini Naidu was a great well-known poet at her time. Sarojini Naidu was born in the year 1879 on 13th February at the era when India was under the rules of Britishers, and by this, she was a great activist for our Indian Independence who also help our leaders to fight against the Britishers. With the political activist, she was also a great poet who was born in a Bengali Hindu family in Hyderabad. She was a great poet, and her poetries were mostly on Children nature, and the patriotic poems are the well-known poems that she wrote and her poems was so touchable that all people love to read it and because of this she became a noted poet at her time and been called as a Nightingale of our India.

Her Early Life And Political Career

Sarojini Naidu at her early life was born in Bengali family as she completed her early studies in Hyderabad and for her graduation, she went to London, and there she completed her graduation. In her early life, she was not writing poems, but her younger brother Virendranath used to write poems, and by this, she got inspired by her brothers writing so because of this she also started to write poems, and by this, she has become a great poet later.

While she was taking her graduation in London, she met a physician named Govindarajulu Naidu, and she later married him after finishing her studies. After their marriage our India at that time was under the Britishers she used to participate in many national movements that were organized by our national leaders and she used to follow the path of Mahatma Gandhi and started to support him in his National movements and she was also the part of Quit India Movement and her daughter who was also a very young that time also decided to participate in this National movements and help the Mahatma Gandhi with her mother.

She used to give many social reforms and the women empowerment lessons to the women’s and so because of this many of the women’s world get charged for the independence of our India. With the help of the Sarojini Naidu and the other national leaders India was able to get independence from the Britishers on 15th August 1947, and because of her participation, she was appointed as the Governor for the state of West Bengal. She also participated with the great anticipation in Indian National Congress.

Her Death And Legacy

After the independence of our India and she was elected the governor of West Bengal she was very much hard working woman and because of this she was very tired of all these things and after her return from the conference of New Delhi she became very tired and because of this many doctors advised her to get rest but she continued work on her projects and because of this she died due to her health problems and got cardiac arrest on 2 March 1949.

After her death, many college and institution that been made and developed in her name many hospitals were also constructed by her name, and her legacy and sweetness encourage energy is taught to the students. Many Hyderabad universities are made on her name. Many of her songs and poems are also read and been listed by the people are also available now, and she was a great poet of our India that India should be proud of.

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