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To become a master in learning, art, music, and wisdom we worship goddesses Saraswati. We celebrate a day called Vasant Panchami which is also known as the Saraswati Pooja.


The name Saraswati is a Sanskrit naming word. Here Saras means pooling water and water means who posses. If we combine both the word, we get She is the one who has a pond, lakes and pooling water.


As we see the picture of goddesses Saraswati, always dressed in white and sitting on a lotus which signifies the light, knowledge, and honesty. She is also seen with the swan which means wisdom and purity. Goddesses Saraswati represents action and reality.

Whereas, the veena which the goddesses Saraswati is holding symbolizes tuning of mind with the knowledge and also harmony. The prayer beads mean the spiritual experience is more powerful than the knowledge of books.

In many of the images, it is shown four hands off her when t is, so it represents her husband lord Brahma.


According to the Hindu calendar in the month of Magh( February), there is a celebration of Saraswati Pooja. The fifth day of the spring season is fixed as there is an occurrence of the full moon.

The Reason For The Celebration

The people who belong to the Hindu religion celebrate the day. The day marks the beginning of good harvesting crop. On these day many families encourage their child to write their first word of life.

The people of West Bengal, Bihar, and Nepal observe the day as a holiday and organize a grand function on their school to celebrate the day. In temples and everywhere the goddesses are dressed in yellow color means the color of crops.

There we see huge idols of goddesses Saraswati kept at the large area. The place gets decorated with different light and flowers. It is said that the favorite color of the goddesses Saraswati is yellow. Even the devotee wear the yellow color attire and worship the goddesses

People make yellow coly holy meal and sweet dish, which later on they distribute to society. Many musical programmes are launched on the day about goddesses Saraswati.

Palash is the leading flower used in the celebration. Berry is the fruit needed for the pooja.  Kheer, curd, fruits are the things which devotee offered to the goddesses Saraswati and these offering later get distributed among the people.

A student celebrates the festival with great devotion and enthusiasm. They offer the garland to the goddesses Saraswati and wish for useful knowledge and wisdom.

On the next day, depending upon the religious situation, the huge idols of goddesses Saraswati is immersed in water. For the immersion, people choose a nearby river or pond. People, especially student said a special prayer and mantra of goddesses Saraswati and immersed the idol. Later on, a dish called Khichdi a combination of rice and pulses is eaten together with families and friends.


The Saraswati is a goddess of knowledge and wisdom, may the goddesses shower her blessing on all of us.

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