Essay on Role Of Youth In National Integration For Students & Children In Simple English

What is National Integration?

National Integration refers that if the individuals are of any different caste, religion, cultures, etc., then to they should recognize as the one, this can build the strong and courageous nation.

There should not be any kind of the partiality done by the nation people; all should work as an Indian, not as private individuals.

People of every country should be provided the same value there should not be any discrimination due to the caste, religion, color, etc.

Youth contribution towards the national integration


As we all firmly agree that the new generation of our country is the base of the building.

As we know that the none of the building can stand without the foundation, the youth should be well qualified and should be educated well, motivation and the spirit should be provided by the elder of the family.

Nowadays the youth of the country are moderate well, and they know the importance of national integration. It is a sentiment that makes us proud of our heritage and also of our country while.

The development and the progress of our nation are in the hands of the coming generation. Many of the respondents are in the head of the youth, and they should perform it.

They should rise above all difference in caste, creed, color, language, etc.

Role of youth to protect the harmony of society

The demographics of the youth in India is growing rapidly. There is more .modern outlook in the community. Today’s youth are of the broad-minded, open the ideas, and the cultures were ever they go across the world.

They share there all the knowledge between the groups; youth take part in changing the thinking of every people.

It is that segment which brings about the changes in the attitude and the mindset of the people all over the country.

The youth of today is the leader of tomorrow. Lets us look at the mobilize factor of the communal harmony:


Education is that factor that indicates the development and the progress of the country and also the progress of the youth; there is no length limitation on the knowledge of the youth.

All the type of the students get an education in many fields there is now no type of discrimination in society or the education field. Here there is irrespective of the caste, creed, religion, community.

Social media


This is another factor which mobilizes the factor which can also bring much difference in society.  As social media nowadays used by all the people in the world. The news is spread like an electric power in the social media.

All the people throughout the world pay more attention towards they read or they see it.

The need for national integration to the youth



It is that feeling which binds the mind of the people in the country. The main aim of the national integration is to bring the people together, put the efforts together and be the spirit of the nation.

National integration is needed because to develop the mind of the people and also to make progress in our country.

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