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What Is The Population 

The count down of the number of a person living in a particular region. There are many causes of overpopulation. The primary cause is the illiteracy, migration, improper medical facilities and many more.

Less Or More Population

Overpopulation is a serious social problem for every country but, there are some countries who still growing their population rapidly. The population should not be less or more than a requirement.

If the country is facing less population problem it means they as less manpower and due to this the nation growth can be restricted. Similarly, the overpopulation consumes more natural resources, restricting the same.

Rank Of India In The Terms Of The Population

In the whole world, the total population was counted with the 7.6 billion people, among from that it was concluded that 17% of the total population resides in India. 17% it means nearly 125 crores of people are Indians.

Now, among the 17%, the 21% people of India stay under BPL Below Poverty Line, the reason for the high rate of poverty in the country is the overpopulation.

Overpopulation has an adverse impact on the future of India. As a result, we should take some measure to control the population as early as possible. According to the survey, it was concluded that India ranks second in the term of the population after China.

Economical status of our country is adversely affected due to the overpopulation. The government has to fulfill the demands of the population and also to provide many of the facilities in free of cost to the people who reside in below poverty line.

The rest amount which the government has for education, hospitals and etc is very less, which is not sufficient in order to make India a developed nation.



The people who are uneducated are not aware of the drastic effect of the overpopulation. The poor people have the thought if they will have more children the earning hands will be more.

Even the desire for a boy child in some of the area leads to the overpopulation.

Government Initiation

The government has taken some initiative to control the population to some extent, some of them are given below;

The government has made the education free of cost for the children who fall under the below poverty line. Along with the free cost of education, they have been provided with the free books and mid-day meal.

The government spread the education of population control through various measures such as posters, seminars, etc. Media is also playing an important role in spreading awareness.

The government has fixed the age criteria of marriage. The boy can do the marriage after 21 years and the criteria for girls is after 18 years of age. Due to this measure, a slight decrease has been seen in population growth.


It is the duty of every individual that they should take some ignition for the development of the country instead of blaming on the government. The population of a nation must be in control.

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