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Environment pollution is meant to be found in the environment of harmful pollutants. Due to which many problems arise in the natural cycle. Environmental pollution has been classified as pollution in many ways, such as water pollution, air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, etc. Over the past few decades, the level of pollution has increased significantly, and this pollution level has been much worse than before. So, this is the time when we need to work together to deal with pollution.

Air Pollution 

Air pollution is considered to be the most dangerous pollution, the main reason for this pollution is to smoke from industries and vehicles. Increasingly daily industries and vehicles have increased air pollution significantly. Which has created many health problems related to bronchitis and lungs?

Water Pollution

The waste generated from industries and houses can sometimes be found in rivers and other water sources by which it pollutes them. At one time our rivers, which are considered clean and sacred, have become the home of many diseases because they have found huge quantities of plastic material, chemical waste, etc.

Sound Pollution 

Sound pollution is produced from fast-moving machines and other fast-moving devices in factories. Along with this, noise on the roads, sound generated by firecrackers, loudspeaker also increases sound pollution.

Light Pollution

Light pollution arises due to excessive and needy light in some area. Light pollution is caused by excessive use of light objects in urban areas, thereby causing many problems.

Radioactive Pollution

Radioactive pollution refers to the pollution that is produced in the atmosphere by the unwanted radioactive elements. Radioactive pollution arises from arms bursts and tests, mining, etc.

Thermal Pollution

pollution refers to the sudden change in the temperature of the water sources. This is not a minor change since it can distort the balance of the entire ecosystem.

Visual Pollution

The objects that are made by human beings that affect our vision are covered under visible pollution such as billboard, garbage cans, electric poles, wire, vehicles, etc.

 Effects Of Pollution

All kinds of natural gases present in the environment retain its balance by reacting to each other. Some of these plants are taken as food by the plant like carbon dioxide, but think about this if there is no tree plant on earth, what will happen?

Few Ways To Prevent Pollution

Planting More Trees

Foresting and tree plantation is the best way to fight pollution, the more trees we plant, the more carbon dioxide we get and other harmful gases will be absorbed by trees and our environment, and the air will be as clean.

Reduce The Use Of Vehicles

The less we use the vehicles, the lower of harmful gases come out from them. Instead, we should encourage the use of bicycles.

Disposable Waste

By the methods of disposal of suitable waste, we can stop the toxic elements of industries from getting into the environment.

By Recycling And Repetition

Repetition of objects is also a good way to stop pollution. It helps to prevent pollution from spreading waste and helps in keeping the environment clean and tidy.

We still have time to save our environment, but for this, we all need to make organized efforts together. To prevent environmental pollution, we need to make people aware at a global level. We need to understand our responsibility, and we need to make efforts to make our planet better.

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Updated: February 19, 2019 — 7:21 am

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