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The dog is a pet animal which can say as a Man’s Best Friend as he gives a loving and honest companion to a man. The dog is a pet animal who loves, and respects is the owner very much and go everywhere with him. While playing with the dog a person can remove his loneliness and dogs are a friendly companion to his owner. Mostly dogs wag their tail and lick the hand or the face of the owner and show their love and affection towards their owner.

As dogs are the breed of wolves they are kept as the pet by humans for a long time; dogs are the first ever animal who are domesticated. A dog is a pet animal who does not do partiality between his owner as his owner is rich or poor; the love of the dog towards his owner is always true. When you go for a long tour and come back a dog can guess the presence of its owner from long distance through their smell, and also they come to welcome them home. He is a very faithful animal.

Use Of Having As A Pet

Having a dog as a pet he can give you love all through his life and there are also much uses for having a dog as when a Thief or stranger comes this dog can bark and by this we can get alert of the thief and strangers and he can also bite them and let them run from the place. Dogs can also be used as a personal messenger, and some of the dogs are police dogs which are used to find a thief as their sense of smell is very strong. The lifespan of a dog is very much small as it can leave around 12 to 15 years only. There are mostly many breeds of dogs who are some kept as the pet and some other dogs who are strangers and roam here and there in the surrounding.

There are breeds such as Labrador who are mostly kept as the pet by most of the people, and there are also many dog breed such as German Shepherd mostly used by the army officers to find thieves as their smelling power is very strong and these dogs are trained very well. Humans usually like to pet two types of the breed; they like to guide both the breed and include both of them as their family members. There are dogs who love their owners very much, and because of their love towards their owners, they become a family member. Dogs and humans can form a great relationship between one another as a friend.

Dog As A Friend

When a person who does not have any friends he can share his feelings with the dog and the dog are those animals, who respond to their owners very quickly and also helps them to remove the sadness from their life so dogs can be said as a very much faithful animal who help his owners in any situation. When a dog is trained properly, he learns the things quickly and can be called a smart animal.

Dogs come under the category of mammals as the female dog gives birth to a baby and feed its milk, and the young one of dog is called as the puppy. We should also have respect to animals and also should treat them as our friend so by this they will also treat us as our friend, and we can play with them and all throughout their life they love us.

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