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Even non-violent Gandhiji said that wandering dogs should be tried by using possible solutions as possible. It is known that the dogs have been wandered.

The human community maintains a variety of animals for their needs and hobbies. A dog has been raised in my family. This is my pet.

My Pet

My dog’s name is Sheru. It keeps awake and keeps the watchword of the house. It shakes the bump by looking at the familiar people and looks and barks on seeing the strangers. It gets screwed by getting a little nodding. Sheru roams on the house and roams on the terrace.

Body Color

It does not like being stubborn; she wants to walk all the time freely. But when a member of the house goes out with it, chains are put in its neck.

Sheru is brown. It is a high stature and a right breed dog. Its rump has been cut. It seems attractive to look There is a lot of hard work and power in it. Its actions are pleasing.

Eating Habit

It eats bread, house roti, milk, meat, egg, rice, etc. I have proper care to eat and drink at my house. It has been given a timely rabies vaccine so that it can be healthy and not spread the contagious disease to others.

Whenever it gets sick then Dad takes it to the vet. In the event of illness, it becomes sad. It also causes sadness in the house. But as soon as it gets healthy, it returns home.

Understanding Animal

Sheru is very smart. It understands our signs and gestures well and conducts them accordingly. All of its ownership is convincing What time is to be happy, what time is to display its devotion when it is calm, it has to sit down and it has complete knowledge.

It’s like a member of our family. When it was a little, at the same time Father bought it and brought it home. Now it has grown a lot. It is healthy and fit.

Time Out With My Pet

I go out with my pet dog in the evening. I go to the streets, malls, and parks. At that time it looks very happy. It jumps, jumps and sniffs things lying on the way. Through these activities, I also get good exercise and entertainment. Daddy goes with it out. Mother is also with them at that time. In this way, Sheru has become an excuse for the whole family.

Like Cleanliness

Sherulike to be clean every time. It likes taking a bath and being clean. It goes in the backyard of the house to forgo stool-urine etc. Never mess in the house at all. Sheru is my friend. In happiness – it is a family partner in grief. Thieves do not dare to enter my house during this. It keeps protecting the house day and night.


Not only me but also my parents share the different bond with the Sheru. He is not an animal but part of our life. I love him very much.

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