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As we all are aware of the bird peacock, it is a colorful bird in this world and it is the national bird of our country India. As it represents our Indian culture in it. This is mostly found in the Asian country, this bird is famous for its beauty worldwide and many of the people come to look the pretty of this beautiful bird.

Peacocks Lifestyle

Peacocks are that Birds which we can see it rarely in our eyes, as it refers to live in the forest also in the farmland, they look upon the water bodies near they live. Peacocks usually rest in the ground, they do not build the nest the nest is built by the peahen for the purpose of laying Egg.

Peacocks love the rainy season they dance during the first rain. They love the pleasant weather. They can live in the extreme condition. They can make their body temperature to the temperature of the climate that would be the hot desert region or the snowy mountain. The average of the peacock is around 20-25 years.

Features Of The Peacock

  • It is the National Bird of our Country.
  • It is blue and green in color and also it is said that as the peacockish color.
  • Peacock as the crest in its head which make it looks more beautiful. From this more beauty is added.
  • It as the long beautiful tale which is very unique from any of the bird.
  • It has around 200 feathers.
  • There are various colors in the body of the peacock. The neck is of metallic blue color.
  • Its beauty is more when it opens it feather and then dance. Our eyes can’t blink that time

Eating Habits Of Peacock


Peacocks are omnivore means the peacock eat the veg and the non-veg. Peacocks eat grains, fruits, ants, crickets, termites, snakes, lizards, scorpions and other insects and reptiles. Their eyes which as more ability to see and the ability to act quickly help them hunt down snakes with ease. Peacocks are particularly loved by the farmers. This is because they eat insects that cause harm to the crops in the farms.

Types Of Peacock

Indian Peacock


Mostly this peacock can be seen in the East Asian countries such as India, Sri Lanka and many more country of the East Asian country. Here there is the most beautiful species of the peacock. It is metallic green in color, the blue color crest on the head of the peacock make it more beautiful. On the other hand, the Indian Peahen is brown in color and as the short tail and green and blue head.

Javanese Peacock

These peacocks are mostly green in color so they are also called as the green peacock. They look quite similar to the Indian peacock only. It has a bright colored long plume that looks stunning. The color of their crest is a green color. And the peahen of this species is green colored and the tail is small only.

Congo Peacock

Found in Africa, the Congo peacock looks extremely different from the other two species of the peacock. It has blue colored feathers on its upper body. It does not have long plumage like the Indian and Green peacock. Its crest is also shorter compared to the other two species. Congo Peacock thus does not appear attractive. Congo peahen has green and brown feathers.

Hence these are the various type of the peacock seen in the different country of this world.

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