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We state peacock as our national bird. The male bird is termed as Peacock, and a female bird is termed as Peahen. The male and female bird together termed as Peafowl. Their babies are termed as Peachick.

History Of Peacock

The peacock is the ornament of India.

In 1913, the forest department of the Congo found the feather of a peacock. This way they started to find out the creature.


One can find Peacock Congo in African Rainforest. In India, we get Blue Peacock whereas in Srilanka we get Green Peacock.

Peacock As A National Bird Of India

Reason: Peacock has first involvement in Indian culture and tradition. The Indian government has put many criteria for choosing National bird.

The criteria were like the bird should be easily recognizable to the common man. On a government, publication bird should have an abstract depiction. The government needed the birds which can indeed fit in the term of National bird. The government asks for the well-distributed bird. The above criteria were met by the Peacock.


Primarily Peacock signs for beauty and dance. It also denoted for happiness and pride. Mythologically we find many stories on a peacock.

Mythological Reason

In Sanskrit, the birds are called as Mayura. Many people say that the peacock is the creation by the feather of Garuda  (Eagle). According to the Ganesha Puran, Peacock is the incarnation of Lord Ganesha. It is also called that it is the bird severs to Lord Kartikeya.

As we have seen the images of Lord Krishna, he adores the feather of the peacock in his head. Sometime peacock also signs for wealth and luck.


Generally, peacock lives in the forest. They love to stay at the places which are located nearby waterbodies. As the female bird is known as Peahen, they lay an egg in the nest which they build especially for the same purpose.

Mainly they are seen on the ground, but sometimes they take rest on the lower branches of trees. Peacock is very fond of the rainy season. They open their feather and dance in the rain.

Physical Features

Blue and Green Peacock are generally seen in India. The beautiful crest on their head enhances their beauty. No other bird has a crest on them. The main attraction of peacock is because of their long and colorful tail.

Nearly they have 200 feathers in their tails. It means the tail makes half of their body structure. The feather has gold, blue, green and brown colors. Even there is an oval shape which is said as on their feather.

Nature: Peacock has the habit to roam in groups. They also possess the quality of shyness. In any dangerous situation, they not only save their life but also see that their fellows are safe. When the climate is pleasant, they make voices due to joy.


Peacock has the habit to survive in extreme climatic condition, and this is the reason they found easily on hot and cold places. 25 to 30 years is the average age of a peacock.

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