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Our country is India we also called it Bharat Mata. Our country Bharat Mata gives us the same love which our mother serves us. India was one of the wealthiest countries in the world before the British era.

Geographical Area

Our country ranks 7th as the largest country in the world. India comes on the 2nd position regarding population. The area of our country is 3.287 million kilometer square. India is a country which is bounded by vast oceans. We can found rich wildlife and biodiversity in India. As we have three colors in our national flag, we have three seasons viz; Summer, Rainy, and Winter. Because of the Himalayan mountain, the monsoon flows through north, northeast, east and northwest of India.

India also has rivers such as Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Satluj, Kaveri, Tapi, etc. which act as a basic source of water in the dry condition.

Pre Independence

Before the British era, India has a glorious time, but the entry of the British destroyed the country entirely. There were many evil practices like Sati, Dowry; Women were not allowed for education, Untouchability, Caste system, etc.

Post Independence

It is only because of the great leader; democracy gets rooted in India. The Indians get understood their rights and duties. The judicial system of the country also got improved after Independence. Women’s started getting many benefits.

Progress In Technology

Before independence, India has not made much advancement in terms of science and technology, but post-independence India has created good fame in the field of science.

The first institute of science and technology was launched at Kharagpur in the year 1951. India stepped into the space world through the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). India has launched its various satellite programme, vehicle programme, terrestrial programme, etc. The recent plan which makes the headline of the bulletin is Chandrayan programme.

Unity In Diversity

India is a democratic country, and here every citizen has the right to make their own decision in every aspect of life. In India, there are  29 states. All the state have their different language, customs, and traditions but in spite of these, Indians share a different level of brotherhood among them. At the time of any crisis or terrorist attack people of India stand together.

Tourist Attraction

The tourist from all over the world visits India to see natural beauty, as well as many historical places,  attract them. The yoga asana, martial art and also a different level of spiritual path makes our country unique.

National Symbols

Jana Gana Mana is our national anthem in the same way the national song is Vande Mataram. Mango is the national fruit. Our national animal is Tiger. Hockey is our national game, and Lotus is our national flower.

The Soul Of Every Indian

Every citizen of India has great respect for their motherland. All the Indian here are tied with the invisible thread of love, unity, respect, brotherhood, etc. Also deep-rooted value, legacy binds everyone together.

I love my country, and I respect every citizen

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