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The new year has a significant place in everyone’s life. Every people in the world, welcome this new day in their way of greeting, they enjoy, memorize the beautiful moment which has been spent in the last year. Everyone hopes for the goodwill in the upcoming year.

Facts And Belief

The original roots of the New year are from the Mesopotamia. The people use to celebrate the day since 2000 B.C.

In ancient time, the celebration of the year uses to take place on the 1st of March.

According to the Gregorian calendar, there are 12 months in the calendar. So, it was Romans who decided on the 1st of January for the celebration.

The Jewish people eat honey and apple on the day of New year, to spend the further day of the year as sweet as honey, it is their ritual which they follow. They had given the name Rosh Hashanah to the new year day.

The people of China have a different scenario for the New year. They celebrate the day at the end of the Winter season when the second full moon fall.

It is a wonderful holiday among all. It is the day when every people is get colored in the color of new hope and devotion. The people on the day of New Year are busy greeting others for the same. Everyone in the community is active in the preparation of the New year.


The preparation of the celebration, start from a week before. Every community people cleans their houses. Make a variety of sweet dishes at home, buy a gift for the near and dear ones. Make some different plans for a night out on the day of celebration.

The 31st of December

On the last day of the year, everyone takes a shower early in the morning. Everyone prepares for a fun time. Which they are going to have in the midnight and tomorrow.

The day gets so busy and excited that everyone gets amazed at how the time passes. In the midnight, there is a high noise of bursting cracker, playing a song, DJs.

In the church, there are midnight masses, where they pray for their goodwill and fortune. The other community also does the prayer to their respective god for the blissful year ahead.

New Year Day

On the New year day, everyone greets others for the happy year ahead. Relative visit at each other place and does the exchanging of gift among themselves. Many people have the habit of visiting a religious place.

Different communities celebrate the day in their way. Many people do the planning for the whole year on this day. Many families arrange big or small new year party at their place. The party is to spend the quality time of the celebration together with the family and friends.


No matter, different communities celebrate the day in their way, but the feeling is the same. Everyone shares the bond of brotherhood and love. Having a big faith in God, people welcome the day.

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