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The devotion which one has for their respective country is termed as Nationalism. Also, the feeling that nothing is much important rather than national interest. To see our respective nation as an advanced country all comes under nationalism.

Unity in Diversity

As India is a diverse country, we find many culture and religion in different languages. Despite the diversity in India, people of India stay with the feeling of brotherhood. It is nothing but the sense of unity which binds the people together. The Indians stay like the color of the flag at the time of crisis.

Nation: The First Priority

As we say Bharat Mata(mother nation) so one should have the same feeling as we all have for our mother. Our nation is a land where we took birth and living peacefully. The beauty of Indias nature is the greatest gift for all.

It is only the love and devotion for our mother nation which makes us stand in front of the international countries.


It is nothing but the devotion for our mother nation, the feeling of nationalism which soldier possess. Nothing is much important than the nation for them; it seems necessary; they happily sacrifice themselves for the nation.

The common man, politician, etc. are gets united at the time of conflict and war.

Merits Of Nationalism

Everyone can share their opinion is the most significant opportunity provided by the nationalism. Nationalism has also improved the standard of living of Indians, and this is the result of the development of our country.

The unique character of the people will get destroyed if they would be controlled by a common government. For democracy, nationalism plays a vital role.

I was only because of the nationalism felt by our great leader who made India free from the British rule. Nationalism gives a separate identity to the people.

National Anthem

The national anthem has been written by Rabindranath Tagore, and a great thanks to him as our National Anthem plays a significant role for nationalism. Previously the Anthem Jana Gana Mana was performed only at school colleges and on the day of the national festival everywhere, but now it is compulsory to play and to pay to obey before any movie start in the multiplex.


Many of the people have migrated from India to Foreign as they provide good salary packages. Many of the people have lost the bond with our mother nation but as it is said every coin has two sides many of them still are in the love of their nation. They even devote their mother nation.

Aggressive Nationalism

The example of aggressive nationalism we can see through the act of Hitler. In the name of nationalism, he set up racism.


For the preservation of the integrity of the country, nationalism plays a significant role. The deep feeling of nationalism cannot make happen any division in India. It is very typical to understand that Indian should keep a sense of devotion to their country for the progress of the nation.

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