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Today the technology has become the part of the life of all the people in the country without the technology there is nothing done by the people, as this day is celebrated on 11th of May, this day is also celebrated to make the people aware that technology has become very important so to make more use and if the people are not aware of the new technology then on this day the celebration are been done to make them aware of the technology for the people, in all the walk of the life the machines are used this all the intelligence of the scientist and the engineer who put all their hard work to make the machine and to design it.

History Of This Day  


This day was declared in Pokhran in the year 1998 on this day all the people of this city make the proud feel for the scientist who had to bring out the new ideas for the people and made easy for all the work in the home and for this appreciation the people decided to celebrate this day in a very grand manner, many of the important instruments were discovered by the  scientist who can record the earthquake shake and many more of the discovery like the bomb and many of the things which can’t we imagine and this are the thinking of the science and the technology and the brain of the humans which are very important and this only help to make then new creativity in the world.

Why Is The National Technology Day Celebrated?  

So being the sixth nuclear state of the world, in India there are many of the people who had proved their creativity in the field of science the first missile man of our country is APJ Abdul Kalam who first invented the missile for our country and this can’t beat for any of the other country in the world, some of the instruments which made our country to act at the sixth place, the nuclear weapons made in our country is well demanded in many of the countries and the main things is that one of the aircraft which was designed by the scientist of the Bengaluru and this is very important for our country during the war, and this is very powerful instruments.

Every time this day is celebrated to remember the people and their creativity which were gift for the country and this make us feel proud, by the minister of the science and the technology take the initial part to celebrate this day, there are the programs organized for the people who use the technology in the efficient manner like the businessman, professionals and the industry people all are given the free lectures, debate is initiated, quiz competition and the importance of the technology for the development of the country and the to show the power of the country, this day has been selected to teach the importance of the science and the technology for the coming generation.

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