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National Farmer Day

National farmers day is celebrated in India on 23th December popularly known as the Kisan was by keeping the farmers in mind this day is celebrated in the honor and pride manner by the president of India and all the citizens and the political people in India, the full country is dependent on the farmers because they are the one who grow the crops and today we are alive then there is the big part of the farmers and the soldiers of country and we should be proud of them from the depth of our heart.

We are living the best life in our home with all the facilities there were many of the prime ministers who came up to help the farmer and make their life better, because many of the farmers are exploited by the moneylenders and farmers suicide has become the more problematic issue in the country, there are many of the middlemen in the purchasing of the goods or the food grains so the proper value is not given to the farmer and this becomes the more problematic for the former rather than that we should give the more amount for the farmers who are suffering a lot for the welfare of the country.

Why Is The National Farmers Day Celebrated?   

This day is celebrated after the fifth prime minister of India was from the poor family he was Chaudhary Charan Singh soon his birthday this day is celebrated as the national farmers day and this is because he was very influenced by the farmers as he was knowing the problem of the farmers as his father was also the farmer, so he made the people understand the importance the farmers in the life of the citizens, this day is mostly celebrated in all part of the country mostly in that country where there are more agriculture activity take place more like in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and many of the place in India.

On this day there are many of the programs celebrated were there are all farmer, and there are many of the problem discussed which are faced by them, and for all the problem lastly there are some of the solutions take out by the people and the government also support the farmers for all the work and the loan system for the farmers, So all the people also put their efforts for the farmers, this will make the farmers feel good as the people also support the farmers by giving the donations.

In Uttar Pradesh there are around 26 agriculture center where their farmers are thought about the farming activity and the new technology for the farming activities, and this makes the agriculture field more developed, so we should always inculcate the value farmers are very important in everyone life and the government should take the initiative to make the farmers and the agriculture site more importance as agriculture is the backbone of our country.

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