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I’m a 14-year-old boy My name is Avinash. My grandfather gave me this name. I like my name very much. Avinash is a word that means eternal. I study in class 8.


I study in st. George public school in Delhi. My school is very huge. Our school serves to teach from standard nursery till 12 the grade.  There are many teachers in my school.

I even have many friends in school. Our school is on coeducation. There are many girl and boy students in my class. They are all good, But Gitanjali is my best friend. I go to school every morning on the school bus. I am healthy and taller than my age.

I am the class monitor of my class. I always present my project and homework in a complete and clean manner. My teacher and even my principal mam appreciated me much time.


I live in a rented flat in the Mall Road area of ​​Delhi. Mall Road is a famous area of ​​Delhi University. It has a clean and clean location with all the modern amenities. We have two bedroom flat. I have a separate room for myself. In the same room, I have made my study corner on the table.

I even have my own computer whenever I need some help related to homework or project by taking mother permission I make use of a computer.


My father is a lecturer in a college.  He is a handsome guy. He is having a very good personality and height. Whenever he returns from university, he brings something to me. On every Sunday we are going out for dinner. They said that there are Chinese learn. Besides my Chinese, my father can read Hindi, English and many other European languages ​​to speak and write. They told me that Chinese is not easy to learn.


My mother is also highly educated, but she is a housewife. I love my parents very deeply in my heart. My mother tells me fascinating stories of ​​Delhi and of other places. She is a hard working lady. After her housework, she actively participates in social work. He likes to serve mankind.

Games I Like

I like many games, when I was small I had a great craze for cricket but as I grew up my taste change and I turned towards football.  We play in our school playground after classes. The coach of our game is a very good person.

He told that he was a national champion in football at the young age and he won many awards. My friends often come to my house, And in return, I also go to their home. We always meet before the maths paper and always try to solve every question together. As if one will have doubt that can be solved by others.

Besides this all, I have my uncle aunty, cousin and grandparents. They all are staying in native place. When we have summer vacation we always go there to meet them.

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