Essay On My Pet Animal For Children & Kids In Simple English

Pet animals are those who which take care of the family members always be in friendly nature, and never raise the voice to the owner rather than stranger they have the pleasing nature of the family members and this are very cute as animals are very straightforward to the family members, the pet animals love their owner as the owner love him.

We can keep many of the pet animals with us they are dog, cat, rabbit, lovebirds, white rat, parrot and may more living all the wild animals from the jungles because they never think about the love rather than the eating like the tiger, lions are those animals which never think of the love among anyone.

My pet

I have the dog, as dog are the loyal pet towards there owner so many of the people like to keep the dog rather than any of the other animals, the color of my dog is brownish color as it is the breed dog and its breed is lab, this dog as the sense that they love the small children very much and this is very interesting dog, the main things of this dog is that the smelling sense of this dog is very powerful and my dog love to play with the ball if he sees the ball than he never give it back till then he wants to play.

My dog is very strong and only the problem is that he neglects the food than we have to make the small ball and give him with our hand then only he has the food, he is my life because from small puppy only I spend my time a lot with him which make me feel happy and if I am very sad then he feel my sad and he comes to me and take around beside me and come and sleep with me.

He always is with me so I never thought my life without him as I can’t live without him, his name is a tiger and he loves to eat biscuits if he gets the vaccination then I cry because it is very hurting which also hurt me.


He is very clean but during the bath once in the three days he goes and then he hides because he never like to bath he is very scared of bathing but we all are coming together and we make him to bath there is the shampoo of this dog, because there is big hair in his body so after the shampoo, to get out the leaches from his body after he gets dried then powder of the dog is been put this make him be very fresh and top look very cool.

As I love my pet very much as I am the animal lover so not only my dog but the dog which are in the street I also prefer food to them as they are also the animals only. So I love my tiger a lot.

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