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I proudly say I am a citizen of India. India is my country. Among all other civilization, one of the ancient cultures is Indian civilization. It has been 4000 years old. India is a country where one can find various customs and traditions.

Unique Love

From all other countries, India is different due to its unity in diversity. There is a total of Twenty nine states and seven union territory. Every state has their own religious belief, language, food habit, dressing sense, customs, and tradition. In spite of this diversity, in metropolitan cities people from the vivid state, from different religion background stay and work together with love like a family.

Indian Government

As India is a democratic country, here, the government is for the people, of the people and by the people. In India, every citizen has a right to choose their leader, to make the right government. The Indian government works in every possible manner for the benefit of people.

In India, the government has given rights to the people that they can leave their current home city and can migrate to another place.

India is the 7th largest country from the world, and it comes on the 2nd position in the criteria of the population.

National Flag

The Indian flag is of three colors. The uppermost is Saffron in between White, and the last is the green color. In the center of the flag, we find a blue color wheel. Each color of the flag denotes some message. The symbol of purity is saffron color, peace comes from the white color, and the last but not the least green means fertility. The blue color wheel in the center is known as Ashoka Chakra.

India A Religious Place

 Every family In India is very religious. Here we find every god or goddess temple which have their own stories. Most people keep fast on the religious festival and worship the god. Many foreign people are now adopting Indian culture and had started worshipping the god.

Tourist Attraction

India is one of the famous tourist attraction. India has many historical places, monuments, tombs, temples, wildlife sanctuaries, museum, beaches, etc.

India has a famous sign of love, i.e., Taj Mahal. Even worship rivers here such as Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Kaveri, etc.

Food And Flavors

India is very rich in the term of spices. As there are 29 states in India, every state has some unique dishes, the thing which makes every dish different and unique from another is only spices. Here women not only put spice in food but they also add their love, happiness to prepare the meal.


Here in India, every religion people celebrate their festival with another one with great happiness and love. They exchange gifts and love among them.


I am proud to be a citizen of India. It is the land of many great personalities. My country is blessed with all the resources. The love which I m getting with my mother is the same love I feel from my motherland.

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