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Mother’s experience is similar to everyone. How do I get an exception? In my case till now, my mother has worked hard and has played both roles. I have not given any weakness to me. By adding my hands, I would say, my mother, is all my stuff.

My Mother Is My Ideal

My heart is also excited when I try to be an ideal student and an ideal citizen. For four years in a row, when I was selected as an ideal student in school, every time I remembered my mother. All the qualities that I have honored my teachers, all the attributes of those qualities go to my mother, so our school to have been a good parent.

An Incident

Once my father had typhoid for a term. At that time, there was no medicine at this time. From it, people rarely read. We were young when we were young. The 42-day trek was broken, but the mother did not wobble. Later, once my firm was working, the company was closed. My father’s salary stopped. The same thing happened to him as well as courageously and calmly. My sister was in bed for two and a half years. All of her mothers did it.

Sow The Seed Of Good Values In Me

We live in chawl. Still, I should be able to get good habits, so that I can always be cordial, so she is always cautious. She has a lot of interest reading along with the study; she has a look at this. She is also encouraged to read the stories of those big. That’s what I want to do to get ethical values. However, in the case of discipline, it is very tough. I have passed the first rank every year from class 4 to class eight. Her usual job is to wear clothes to handle the household chores.


She never gets hurt. Still taking it out of time makes it for me. Her name ‘Surekha’ also seems to be the same way as her beautiful nature. She became angry with me, but she has the right to love because she never forgot me because she is my mother.

We Cannot Imagine A Family Without A Mother

The inner strength of the mother is incomparable. Although men have more rights in our great society, without the mother, the family cannot be imagined.

Family Responsibility

It is possible only in the mother’s ability to handle the responsibilities of family and family, even after knocking at work outside the home. A man can work hard for work, but the person’s ability to handle the family, and especially the children are not in the male.

Mother Is God Reflection

Truth is said in our scriptures that the mother is as sacred as the Gods. Mother is the highest honor in the family. The importance of mother is most significant.


Mother does so much for her children, but some selfish children leave their mother in her old age, only the child without a mother can understand what importance the mother has in the life of children

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