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Essay on a father the person whom we can trust for anything. We can be dependent upon him for our needs. The person who always work for us and spend all the money on his family without any hesitation.

Responsibility of Father

Every father has so many responsibilities on the shoulders. The whole family is dependent upon his strong shoulder. The father is the only person who will be taking care of you without any expectations. Every father is willing to do anything for their family and mostly for their kids.

He never keeps anything for himself always distribute whatever he has with him. Whatever you need is in your hand just because of his hard work. Today or tomorrow you have to be thankful to him for his great heart.

Talk to Dad

In India, most of the kids have this problem with their dad. They are comfortable to talk to their mother but they are very much and comfortable to talk to their dad.

There is an image that all the Indians that have in India that should be very much in discipline so that they can give that discipline to their children.

Well, this is a kind of superstition that every child has in his mind. But no problem slowly and study leave the dad are getting updated and they understand what kind of mentality their kids are going through.

They tried to mix with their kids so that they can share any problem with them. And this could help them in the future also.

I Need Fulfillment

In every need which is demanded by the family or the child is been fulfilled only by dad. When a child wants to study abroad and he knows that his financial condition is not appropriate to send him abroad for studies.

There is only one person who shows the courage to send you abroad for your further studies and that is your dad. He never planned to send you out but just for your well and your dreams, she managed somehow to send you abroad.

He took a loan on his name just because you want to study abroad or else he must have asked money from his friend’s office or any other family member.


Every caters special and every kid has his own needs no one would ever fulfill your needs without anything in return. No one will keep you safe if you are in any kind of trouble. There would be only one person who will stand behind you and protect you and that would be your dad your real superhero.

Even you grow old the first place where you will feel secure is behind your dad. Because dad is a shield that is unbreakable for its family and children’s he can take anything on himself. But never let anything touch to you which could harm you. This is How the dad protects us without even saying.

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