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Life is full of the race, and which is very much interesting to complete and struggle the life some of the people like to struggle with life to complete their goal, on the other hand, there are the people who like to spend their life without any of the struggles and this is the fact that my goal is to achieve something in my life, and my dream is to fulfill the exam of the IAS and that is the big dream of life and to get the success there is many of the problem and the struggle in my path which as to be completed by me and I have the aspect that I can do the same.

The dream of the people are much more different according to the people because all the people have their dreams such as the becoming of the doctors, teacher, officer, businessman and today there are many of the fields for the students after the studies is completed because this is very much tough to understand the field to choose, as we all know that life is very simple and then we should have some of the goals within the life and if we have set the target then we should have the very much interest to complete it and there will be many of the obstacles in life, but we should have that thread that we should have the dare to complete it.

My dream of completing the IAS exam there is very much difficulties, and it is the exam of all India according to the state, and this is very much difficult but I never think of making the path difficult I always think that I will complete my task with the betterment of the life, and this is the truth that I never think that the path of being the IAS officer is very difficult as I know that giving the exam is very tough in India, but if I think then I can’t complete my task which is secured.

When I was small I was thinking of being the doctor but after the little time my mind got to change as I came for the high class and from the fifth standards my thinking was being the IAS officer because I want to change all the system of the Indian which is very wrong like the politicians also practice the corruption path which is creating the problem to the public so I think that I want to change all the system practice by the people of the country and all the politicians and the government, as during the time of the election the people bring the religion in front, and then they make the situation problem for the general people and then there are the riots among the people so there is very much problem for the people and this should be changed, and that will be done by me. And I know that I will complete my dream and this is my last dream.

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Updated: February 4, 2019 — 12:47 pm

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