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The dream is nothing, but it is our imaginary vision. A dream is also one which we want to make possible in our future. Every person has some or another goal which they want to fulfill during their life.

I have a dream of making a big house for my mother. Yes, a home for mom. I have great love and respect for her. My mom had made lots of sacrifices for me. Even the dad passed away she never made us realizing his absence.

So, coming to my house of dream. I always imagine owning big acres of the plot for building a huge bungalow. I will make my dream home on seven floors. Every floor will consist of three rooms.

The ground floor will have a huge drawing room. In the drawing room, I will do the interior design of the most top brand. I will be placing the largest television in the world in my dining area.

Drawing room will be fully air-conditioned. My dining table will have a diamond in the corner so while eating everyone will get the royal feeling. Even the drawing room will have many decorations.

In the drawing room, I  am going to keep an idol of Radha Krishna of whom my mother is a sincere devotee. At the main wall of the drawing room, I will put world lovely and famous painting.

The first floor and the second-floor houses will be kept for the guest. Each room will have separate toilet, bathrooms and will consist of great amenities which can make the guest comfortable.

The third and the fourth floor will have a room for myself and my mom. My mother will have her bedroom and separate another room for her hobbies as my mom loves painting.

On the fourth floor, I will be the king. I will keep all the three-room for myself. One will be my study room, another will be my hobby room, and the last but not least will be the toy room. Again all the top three floors will be for my four sisters.

As my bungalow will be on seven floors, I will even keep the elevator facility. On the terrace, I will place a sitting and tea area for everyone where everyone can enjoy the sunset by, sipping tea.

In front of my big house, I will make a garden in which there will be a plantation of a different and beautiful flower. I will appoint a gardener to look after the garden.

For the care of such a big and beautiful house, I will appoint at least ten workers. Some of them will work in the kitchen. Two of them will work for the cleaning of bedrooms, and some will be designated for something else.


I know to make possible my dream house, I have to work hard in my life. I have to be always sincere in my studies. I wish that I can make my dream come true.

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