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My country on the horizon in the world is like the sun that has illuminated the light of its culture and civilization in the whole world. My country is called the sun, and the golden bird of spiritual wisdom is India’s oldest civilization country.

Wonders of science, mathematics, medicine, religion, philosophy, literature and humanist culture came from my country of India. The world’s first teaching of peace and non-violence was taught in my country only.

Name Of Country

In ancient times, it is called ‘India’ in Aryavarta, Hindustan, India, and presently. Even today, in the field of knowledge, technology, information and communication, my country is known by the respect and dignity of the world’s greatest nations.

Geographical Structure And Natural Significance

India is a vast country located in the Northern Hemisphere in the map of the world. 84 is spread between North latitude and 68.7 east longitude 97.25 east longitude. From north to south its length is 3214 kilometers and from east to west, its length is 2933 km.

Its area is 32,87,263 square kilometers. This is 3 times higher than Canada, 7 times more than Europe, 13 times larger than Britain. Due to its vastness, diversity, physical and human conditions, and boundaries, it is not a country but a sub-continent.

In the north of India, the snowy peaks of the Himalayas are adorned with the crown of silver on it. Tropical intensive forests of Deccan and its coastal areas with cold, muddy, aromatic Malanil, in the east by the Bay of Bengal, and the Arabian Sea in the west touch the Indian Ocean.

Natural Wealth

Distribution of uneven rainfall is far less in this country, there is much more rainfall. Therefore, the natural forest estate here is the fourth in Asia and the tenth place in the world. There are 47,000 species of plantation plants. Indian forests are tropical, evergreen forests, autumn forests, dry n, desert forests, mountain forests, tidal forests, coastal forests, and alpine forests.

Minerals make us prosperously financially. India is endowed with the vision of coal, aluminum, dolomite, gold, manganese, iron, copper, asbestos, bauxite, lead, marble, tin, diamond, salt, thorium, etc. The leading industries include cotton, wool, silk, jute, vegetable oil, rubber, heavy engineering, chemical fertilizers, shipbuilding, cartons, medicines, iron steel.

Indian Sculpture

Its history is also ancient to architecture. Statues from the Harappan culture have also become available to us in abundance. It is known that its roots are four Vedas, Aranyak Sutras and Upanishads. Thus, the basic idea of ​​Indian culture is religion. All major religious sects of the world are found here. Hindu Buddhists, Jains and six are the basic religions of India.


The recognition of my country of India is his great culture. My country is the world’s largest democratic nation based on the principles of secularism. Although neighboring state Pakistan has always been creating conspiracies against its integrity and unity, however, our country is facing it with great courage. My country is fast growing in space science, education, technology, and in all areas. I am proud of my country.

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