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My friend is my father. I am very lucky to have him in my life he has been a great support for me. He is very caring and friendly to me.

I share me every secret to him, and he guides me in every situation. He every time suggest me a good thing for me.

He is very helpful not only for me but for others also. My father is a social worker; he does all everything for the peoples. He helps them; he guides them, he does each and everything for the people who need help.

Not only in social work but in studies also is brilliant. Whenever I have any doubts, I tell him he helps me in my studies also. Sometimes he behaves very strictly with me, I know it’s only for my good, so I never get angry or sad because of that.

He every time encourage me to do some extra-curricular activities and also in my studies. Just because I am a girl, he never demotivates me. He is very understanding and a very calm person.

My father is also an Ideal for me because he has done a lot of struggle in his life to achieve his goal. At a very young age, he left his school, and he was working hard to get money.

By getting the money, he used to pay a fee for his brother. He worked hard and sent his brother to abroad for further education. And for us also he struggling a lot. He is giving us a good education and a good living standard.

Whenever I am sick, he is always there beside me. He is very caring. He is like a magician he is the only person who helps me to get well. He makes me happy every time.

My father wants me to become a good person and an honest person. He every time tells me to respect the older people, and also to respect the work. He taught me that be punctual every time. Never be late its show our lack of interest in that work.

He taught me one more thing that is never hurt, anyone. Be kind to everyone, talk politely with everyone, and respect every people.

He loves to play sports just because by playing sports we get fit and healthy. He wakes up early in the morning and does not stay up till late at night. So just because of him, I am also doing same like him.

I want to make my father proud. After he completes his 60 age, he should sit at home and take rest.

At that time I will take care of him. I can’t repay him whatever he has done for me, but sure I can take care of him. And I feel very proud to have the father like him.

My father is my role model, and I want to be like him. I am very lucky to have a friend like him. I love him a lot.

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