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Everyone has ambition. Life is incomplete without ambition. It makes life worthwhile and shows the path to life. Life without purpose is useless to Make the first objective then come on it. Many people want to become owners of businessmen, bankers, factories.

Different Goal

Many people want to become doctors, engineers, politicians, social reformers, teachers or government officers, so many more people want to become a police officer, pilot, scientist or author. Every person wants to be different in their life and wants to be.

Identifying The Strength

But the goal should always be to achieve what can be achieved. Because when dreams are not complete, there is only sorrow, disappointment, and failure. Making the effort of air is only a waste of time. Therefore, every person should honestly assess their abilities. Identify your strengths and weaknesses, making it easier to choose the goal.

My Ambition

I recognize my strengths and weaknesses very well. I do not dream of becoming a movie star nor I want to be a footballer or a cricketer. I am very good at studies, I have a special interest in mathematics. My father is also a teacher of mathematics. So I want to grow up and open a school.

It was decided in my childhood that I would become a good teacher by growing up because I saw in our village that poor children are not able to read and try to read something, they would be stopped by some anti-social elements of society I was angry because I was angry and I was not able to do anything.

But I did know one thing that if all the people are educated then all the evils of our society can be erased and a new India can be built.

I want to educate big, small and elderly people as a teacher, this is the ultimate goal of my life and I will continue to find it. I have also seen in 21st century India that girls are not taught much, they are not allowed to study after study that they have to go ahead and do just the work of the house.

I want to teach such people as a teacher that girls can also read their books like the boys and brighten your name all over the world, and our country’s girls have done this, even if they do not know why people do not teach girls.

The quality of teaching is in my blood. From my father, I inherited this trait. So I want to teach mathematics myself in my school. The second major reason is that I believe that education should be given to all so that all can help in building the nation by becoming a good citizen.

I want to keep the minimum fee in my school so that everyone can get a good education. My father also wants to support me in this ambition. He often tells me how a good school should be. This is my only wish that I should open a school and I am always ready to fulfill my aspiration.

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