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I like the rainy season the most. It is also known as the monsoon season. This is my favorite and best season in all four seasons. Rainy season in India starts in the month of June when winds of southwest monsoon begin to run. The monsoon starts in mid-June and continues till September.

Hindu Calendar

According to the Hindu Calendar, this season is felt in the months of Ashadh and Shravan. During the season, there are usually very thick clouds.

The clouds of various colors and shapes appear flying in the sky and look very good at seeing. Sometimes rain comes with thunderstorm and roaring along with cold winds.

After The Summer Season

The rainy season comes after the summer season, hence, this winter provides relief from the burning heat. The temperature remains pleasant during monsoon.

When the drops of rainfall on the whole nature, then everything gets wet in this water, then the pleasure of the weather is different.

Cold Sensation

Rainy weather has many advantages and disadvantages, but still, the rainy season is good for everyone because it provides relief from the sun’s heat. It removes the heat of the environment and gives cold relief to all. It helps to grow plants, trees, grasses, crops, vegetables, etc. well. This is a favorable season for animals because it provides lots of green grass and small plants for fodder.

 Natural Resources Get Pleased

This day helps us to get cow or buffalo milk twice a day. Every natural resource such as rivers, ponds, and lakes are filled with rainwater. All birds and animals get adequate water to drink and be sold so that they are all happy. They smile as if some are lukewarm and take high flying in the sky.

Importance For The Farmer

The rainy season is crucial for Indian farmers because they require more water for their crop cultivation. A large number of farmers depend on monsoon-rain to meet the needs of their family’s food. They engage in agricultural activities, not selling crops, but also rainy season is necessary for their own needs.

During this time, farmers have to face many difficulties like, due to excessive rainfall, there is a reason for the flood, and in the absence of rain there is drought, which is why this season brings some inconvenience, illness to us too.

Those who are sick and does not have a proper facility to live are the most suffered of the monsoon. As they have the difficulty to keep their luggage and to shed the small babies. In the monsoon different types of dangerous creature come out such as snake and worms.

The water we get in the season is not so much cleaner and are not favorable for the household purpose.


In spite of having some of the other negative points, everyone eagerly waits for the monsoon season. The plants, animal and human being welcomes the monsoon with the loving heart.

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