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Littering: Causes, Problems, and Solution

There are many of the people who as the unfortunate habit of dumping the litters in the road, they keep their house neat and clean but the litter of the house is been thrown here and there.

In the public places that in the garden and in the footpaths the people throw waste that they bring from their house.

Quite often many of the people throw the waste while driving on the road.

Household appliances such as the rubbers, electrical appliance, batteries, and many more things are very hazardous.

Many of the people have the bad habit to split anywhere that is in the staircase of the building, in the railway station by eating the pan, gutka and the tobacco which is dangerous to the health of the people.

Causes Of Littering

Our Country India is very backward in the terms of the cleanliness among most of the country in the world.

A widespread social problem

It’s not that fact that only the poor people litter in the public place but the dogs of the rich class people also do the shit in the public places. Now there are strict rules and the charges if the litter is spread in the public places.

There should be the proper disposal of the waste it should be separated that is wet and dry it can be the waste from the buildings, chemical industries and other factories which are responsible for spreading more garbage in them.

There are some of the people who throw the waste in their own residential areas.

The Inability To Share Responsibility

The contaminated water, garbage, or the dirt of the dog, is removed from the house and thrown into the street, road or park.

People believe that garbage-disposal is the responsibility of the government and the administration. But with the government, it should be our responsibility also.

It is neither their responsibility to keep the environment, road, park or the street clean nor they are accountable for the garbage or filth, which is thrown out of the house.

Lack Of Maintaining Cleanliness

Our government is also taking up the stand for the problems of the cleanliness like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan because our country is quite dirty than any of the country in this world.

Living in our country there is no another country that needs such a campaign, as they maintain their own responsibility.

As our country is the densely populated country in this world. There are some people who throw litter still they see the dustbin also. Hence this is the laziness of our people.

Solution Of Littering

Littering in foreign countries falls under the category of crime and penalties but India is that country were littering does not become any of the issues.

Citizens have the responsibility to maintain cleanliness in certain areas around their homes. At one time, there was a tendency to spit everywhere in China. But today it has been curtailed.

In most public places of the country, garbage bins are not kept, and where they are kept, they are not cleared for several days and due to which the smell from the garbage bin start coming. In such a situation, the whole place is filled with dirt.

People to do not have any shame or regret to make it dirty by spitting or spreading garbage anywhere. The absence of a strict law against those who litter has stood in the way of cleanliness in the country.

As littering here and there may also be dangerous to our health also, so please dispose the waste properly and put all the litter to the dustbin in the proper way. Make India clean by changing your laziness in the mind.

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Updated: December 28, 2018 — 10:38 am

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