Essay On Laughter Is The Best Medicine For Students & Children


Today India is a developing country, so the people living in this country are also developing all their needs on their own.

So the people are now in the race to reach the top position in their life since they never have the time for the family and for the friends, we also do not know that who are living beside us yes this is the fact.

But between this, all problems to we have to give much more time to us also. As we all know that laughter is the best antidote to stress, pain, and conflict. Being with our friends make us more enjoyable and also make us laugh.

Power To Heal

A good laugh can lighten your burden, inspires hope, and make us too focused and alert with our mind. This has more power to heal and then renew.

The good hearty laugh reduces our stress leaving your muscles also get relaxed due to the good laugh.

These decrease our stress hormones and then make us feel bright and all the bacteria which are not using this are infection-fighting antibiotics, this reduces our disease problems.

Cardio persons should have the habit of laughing this would make him free from the tension, the laughter makes the blood vessels to function well and make the blood to flow in the constant level.

This is the fact that no one can be angry, sad while laughing he or she can only be feeling happy no other feelings can come to the mind.

Positive Attitude

The humor brings a positive attitude towards the life of the people, it also creates a positive bond between the family, friends, etc.

As we intake many of the medicine prescribed by the doctor it makes us feel better but there are some of the negative effects of the medicine this can only make us feel physically better but the truth is that emotionally we are depressed, but while the laughter can make us feel better and there are no side effects of the laughing sensation this can also make us physically fit and then mentally free from each and every stress, it boosts the immune system.

Even during a very difficult time, a laugh or even simply a smile can go a long way towards making you feel better.

Laughter protects the heart from all the harmful bacteria, a smile on the face make better in your significant life if your face is smiley than there is a positive attitude towards the life which is really complicated.

All the tension will be free from the mind if you are happy in your life, this really contagious-Just hearing laughter primes your brain and it also joins in the fun of the laughter.

Be free with your life, be happy and make the world also feel happy, the humorous perspective creates psychological distance, which makes you free from all the overwhelmed feelings when the laughter is shared between more people than there is an increase in the happiness and the intimacy.

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Updated: December 27, 2018 — 1:12 pm

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