Essay On Labour Day For Students & Children In Simple English

As we all are aware of the labor, labor is those who work under someone in the need of earning the money as per there education in that field. This day internationally celebrated on 1st may and the 80 countries are given the national holiday on this day.

Labor are those, they work under someone by taking all the order of the organization or where they are working, the workers work for 12 to 16 hour to complete their work as much they can.

This day is also called as the “mayday” and this day is celebrated with great honor and the tribute is given by the organization were they are working.

Some of the company take the work of the employee in the granted manner which can make the employee disrespect, many of the responsibility is there for the employee in the company. As the company work or hire the labor for the purpose of earning money but the organization also take care of the requirement of the employee.

The better opportunity should be given to the worker as they put all their all hard work and the strength for the betterment of the organization. Without the labor in the organization, the work cannot be completed.

Many of the company as the habit that they see the attire as the attire is the most for important but they should not discriminate against the caste, color, race, creed, gender. Only the organization should check out the skills and the knowledge of the person because his talent can only take you to reach the destination of your company.

Importance of the labor laws

Employer obligations

Without the labor in the organization the owner can’t handle the business there are some of the laws to the owner that they should be aware of the obligations towards the employees. The owner should not cheat their employee in the salary and should not discriminate with caste, race, the color of the person only the knowledge and the skill of the person will help the organization to complete their task.

  • Workplace structure

The big company should take care that they should think the betterment of the employee, the place where they are working they should provide all the facilities in the company as they want. And this is the duty of the owner of the organization. He should always support his employee while working for his business.

  • Collective Activity

If in the large business scale if there are many employees in the organization then all the work given by the owner should be the same and the employee are working in the group then they should maintain the peace and collaborate with each other to complete their task as soon as possible. For some of the union worker, collective bargaining agreements represent job security so the worker will work more efficiently.

So the labor is the backbone of the commerce field, if they will put their hard work to the organization then the profit will be more but the same respect should be provided to them also.

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