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Jallikattu is a traditional event which is celebrated in India in the state of Tamilnadu. It is the event which has been played from the ancient times in Tamilnadu where all the participants are all together trying to embrace a bull, and the Bull tries to knock them off. The Bull that the people used are the breeds of Kangayam, and it is released into the crowd of people, and multiple humans participate and attempts to grab the large hump on the bulls back with both arms and hang on it.

There is a flag which has been tied on the bulls horn and people have to remove that flag by riding the Bull or holding its hump, but the main aim of the event is to remove the flag from the bull’s horn. This festival was celebrated from the history about 2500 years ago, and it holds on the third day of Pongal festival which in Tamil calendar known as Mattu Pongal.

History Of Jallikattu

This festival of Jallikattu has been known to be practiced during the Tamil classic period, and it was common among the ancient people who live in the Tamil country division, and later it has become a platform for the people for displaying their bravery and who wins are given prize money and participation encouragement.

There is also much painting that has been made in the caves of Tamil Nadu which depicts that a man who tries to control a bull and this painting is made about 1500 years ago, and it depicts this tradition. To play this game, there is a simple rule that a player has to hold bulls hump and tried to get the flag tide and only one person is allowed to attempt at a time, and it is played in the district of Madurai Theni Thanjavur and Salem of Tamilnadu.

Not only by removing the flag but a person can win by throwing the Bull or to let the Bull fall down and also by holding its hump for 30 seconds or till 15meters he can win. After this event is over and no people can win the Bull which wins are being sold into the market, and high prices are being fetched on the bull to get it sold. Before entering this event, most of the people get trained by their bulls.

Impact Of This Event

As this game of Jallikattu is being played by all the people but between the years of 2008 to 2014 many people have killed their life about 43 peoples have killed by the bulls, and four bulls are getting killed by the people many of the people have got injured, and because of this the government has boycott this tradition of Jallikattu.

Because of the life of the people and the animals are getting hurt the Supreme Court has banned this tradition because of the animal welfare issues and this has become a tradition for the people of Tamilnadu the youngsters their protest against this and about 2 million people protest against this ban and the Supreme Court has given the order to the people that they will conduct this festival of Jallikattu with a gap of three years. In every three years, this festival of Jallikattu has been practiced by the people of Tamil Nadu.

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