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Now you must be having a question of what kind of interview essay topics could be. Well, most of the interviews nowadays are conducting this essay round also where you have to complete an essay in a very short time.

Start of The Interview

You must have visited a few interviewers or else you must have given a few interviews in your life. Well, what is the first thing which they asked you? The first question they ask you is what is your qualification?

By this, they judge what kind of communication skills you have with other employees in the future. Most of the interviewers make sure that they could get all the basic information about you in the first communication itself. Ask about very general questions which we don’t even think our valuable.

Meet With The Owner

After completing your first round you are going to meet with the person who is at a very low responsible position. It could be anyone the owner the manager or any team lead in whose team you are going to be a part of.

They will ask you about the company and even share some knowledge about the company at self because they want you to be aware of the company you’re going to work in.

This person will be very generous to you and it will look like they are very helpful. But they will be observing your answers your way of getting comfortable and your skills. Which will help them to understand that are you capable of this organization or not?

Meeting With the HR

After completing the songs you will be meeting with HR. Have to wait till the HR comes to you and explains about the company and also show you what kind of work you have to do in the company.

HR is going to explain to you about your salary and the package you were selected into. The whole day will be spent on all this stuff. It will take some time to get adjusted in the environment but you can always be dependent upon the HR to help you with anything you require.

Even in the HR meeting you will be analyzed and seen that are you capable of joining this organization or not.

Joining The Company

After joining the company the first day will be your induction. Most of you would not be aware of the word induction. Well, this is the first step where your company interacts with you directly.

There will be so many people with you in the induction round and you will be told to gather in the conference room for the induction.

In the induction, you will be told about the company and its foundation. And how the company works you will be told about your leaves and holidays of the company.

In some companies, there is a procedure of training also which will be explained in the induction. This is the whole scenario of your interview and there would be a few more steps depending upon the company.

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