Essay On International Day Of Innocent Children Victims Of aggression For Students & Children


International day of innocent children victims of aggression is been celebrated on 4 June every year, on this day all the children have remembered their rights towards the society as they are the part of the society and the country will be glimpsed from their evergreen shine.

But there are many of the abuse done to the children so they become part of aggression, and this day is to make the awareness of the protection of the children.

Why is this day celebrated?

Today there is the very sad situation that the children are been abused very badly that is sexual, kidnapping and removing the parts of the organs, abduction, attacks on schools and colleges, problem of the family and many more and this is the reality of the people in the society, the children can’t do anything because they are very innocent and they can’t reflect it.

Some of the parents only sold their children for the purpose of the money.

Some of the presence of the mind which should be though by the parents from the children, they are been as follows

  • If there are been more members in the family then the family should treat their children in an equal manner, and the family members should always support the children because they are justice, peace the children trust the most the family.
  • All the small children should be treated in a good manner by teaching them the moral values of life and more care should be taken.
  • From the childhood only the child must be taught that how to live the life and most important is the spirit of the dignity, peace, freedom, tolerance, equality should be asserted from the depth only this will make them get the importance of them from the childhood only.
  • The most important is that the children in the family the family should have the environment of the peace and the oneness this will make them survive in the peaceful presence of mind rather than living in depression.
  • If the child is suffering from the mental or immaturity then they should have more care and the legal protection.

How is India facing the problem?

India is facing the more problematic in abusing the children the age of 5 to 12 are been suffered a lot and the girls are been sexually abused a lot in India.

The risk for this all the children are more and they are been neglected then, some of the criminal activity done with the children are organ trafficking, child trafficking, raped and murder this all are the problem which is making the victims of the aggression.

Some of the suggestions to celebrate this day are as follows

  • People or the citizens of India should come forward with the peace mind to help the innocent and the victim children and strengthen their mind this will help the children.
  • If there cause any of the problems that parents should not treat them with the violence rather than that they should talk calmly of such of the issues.

So we should also come forward on this day, to support the innocent victim’s children who are been suffered or they are been suffering throughout the worldwide.

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